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Im from brasil and here is trending on twitter "asknormalpeoplewhoare22" (in portuguese, obvs) and its pretty funny. "waiting for zayn account stop being a verified one because he is just a normal 22", "im just a fan of a normal 22 who raps", "its so normal for a 22 to be millionare with a verified account who sings rap", a photo of the five in an event saying "well, this normal 22 even managed to get a pic with 1d". im dying laughing and wanted to share :)

This made me laugh!

Uhh so the presumed fake lil Wayne Instagram that I started following bc I saw him post a comment on one of drakes pictures saying “I’m the real lil Wayne follow me” or s/t turned out to be verified

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List 5 things that make you happy. Pass this on to the last 10 people who reblogged or liked something on your blog  :)

Things that make me happy:

1. Surprise deposits in my account from my mom.
2. Warm brownies with ice cream and hot fudge
3. Really good books.
4. Long phone calls from friends.
5. Reblogs of my fic links 😁 (honestly, i sqee to my sis every time)

Now, as for the chain tag based on most recent interactive : that-ever-after-girl, frozenpapers, allamericanfangirl, anonymous-and-anomalous, x-i-l-verify, jokuuls, iamtaylarann, princess-marida, sorryimbusyfanfirling, oceanablu-draws

The Bravely Art Collab 2015

I’m so happy that you guys like this idea~ There are still loads of characters left if you want to draw them, so go ahead and say so if you want to take part. 

Here’s what we’ve got so far.

The characters taken so far are: 

Tiz, Jean, Magnolia, Khamer, Victor, Alternis, Artemia, Khint, DeRosa, Kikyo, Holly, Braev, Lester, Ringabel, Mephilia, Kamiizumi, Agnes, Praline, Yuu, Jackal, Ayame, Minette, Airy, Aimy, Qada, Barbarossa, Ominas

Possibly taken (I’m still verifying this):

Victoria (grab her if you want, otherwise I’ll do her), Angelo, Geist

Pictures should be about 1000x1000 in size, as the limit for tumblr is only around 5000x5000. We will probably have to use more than one group piece, in which case we’ll either arrange them based on the characters themselves or the order they’re submitted. 

If you’d like to take on two characters, you can, as there will be multiple pictures.

Any medium is fine, but no backgrounds please.

If anybody would like to draw the background for the collab, you will be praised~

Deadline will be April 22nd at the latest, though ideally before then if you can. The game comes out on April 23rd, so it’d be nice to celebrate it with this.

Side note: Do you guys think it’ll look better from the waist up or full body, because I’m not really sure?

Who is drawing who under the read-more:

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Phantom Hitchhikers

Unnerving tales ofghostly hitchhikers who vanish into thin air

One of the most persistent and entertaining types of ghost stories is that of the phantom or vanishing hitchhiker. It’s also one of the most chilling because, if true, it brings ghosts in very close contact with mortals. More disconcerting still, the stories depict the specters as looking, acting, and sounding like living people - even physically interacting with the unsuspecting drivers who pick

The basic story usually goes something like this: a weary driver traveling at night picks up a strange hitchhiker, drops him or her off at some destination, then somehow later finds out that the hitchhiker had in fact died months or years earlier - often on that very same date. Like many “true” ghost stories, tales of phantom hitchhikers are difficult to verify, and are most often relegated to the category of urban legend or folklore. But there are many such stories, and it’s up to you whether or not you believe any of them. Here are a few:

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Comment on CDAN. Someone should verify: "Shawcross was in South London a few hours ago working on a new installation in Dulwich Park. Love his art. Sophie only attaches herself to the truly talented. Gambles was only ever a friend, struggling amateur with his art, much like her."

While that makes a great blow up…pics or it didn’t happen. How convenient they manage to spot him today right when the BI comes out and not any other day of the 365. Not that it can’t be possible but receipts would be nice so yeah verification would be best.

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Along with all the book/tour amazingness I heard a rumor and saw on IMDb that dan and phil are making a TV show. If you go on to their IMDb its a thing but I thought if it was an actual thing I'd be hearing more. Did IMDb get hacked or something?

no omg that’s fake. it wasn’t verified by Dan and Phil, imdb, or the BBC, and it was put up by a random user who isn’t on imdb staff or anything

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any books about the beatles you recommend?

yooo yeSSSss the first book on the Beatles I ever read was The Beatles - A Diary by Barry Miles which is a timeline of nearly everything ever extending far beyond the band’s time span both ways (before and after). He is/was close to Paul esp. when he wrote that so yee… I even brought it with me to college in case I ever need to verify something quickly.

Also by Barry Miles is the most accurate Paul bio u could get tbh which is Many Years From Now (Paul collabed on this).

A rlly rlly good book (one of my faves actually) is the extremely quotable Two of Us: The Passionate Partnership of Lennon & McCartney by the wondrous Geoffrey Giuliano.

I’ve also read books not necessarily on the Beatles, but by people related to them incl. the autobiography Wonderful Tonight by Pattie Boyd and John by Cynthia Lennon. Check out John’s riveting poetry books too In His Own Write and A Spaniard in the Works (the former is my fave) that include v memorable doodles

Also highly recommend The Beatles Anthology and Treasures of the Beatles is rlly neat-o. Do not read John Lennon: the Life by Phillip Norman as it is highly inaccurate and he’s not an author to be trusted.

And I never got around to it but I’ve been wanting to read I Me Mine (George’s autobiography) and Loving John by May Pang.

Others have recommended The Complete Beatles Chronicle but tbh I got it and was overwhelmed by other things and never got around to it. Since Barry’s Beatles timeline is also a chronicle, I also wasnt much interested in it. But it’s all up to the individual if they want to read either/or/both c:

Hope that helps!!!

So I am at the airport and the lady at the gate announced a list of passengers who need to get their passports verified. I and another brown dude were the first to show up at the counter and neither of us had our names on the list. I am sure, just like me, he didn’t hear his name when she first announced the list but still decided to come to the desk.

The kind of shit that happens when you have been “randomly selected” for years.

  • Troye:I've just wrote an album!
  • Zoe:I've just wrote a book!
  • Shane:I've got a new movie coming out!
  • Tyler:I won an award!
  • Jim:I'm going to be on TV!
  • Tanya:I have a make up collection out!
  • Aw, I love caspar