Name this Samsung rectangle!
Samsung makes a ton of products, everything from televisions, to refrigerators, to washing machines. But it’s best at making rectangles, and it seems to release a new rectangle every week. If you’re not paying close attention, all of those rectangles start to blend together, making it awfully hard to tell today’s Samsung rectangle from the rectangle it released last week or six months ago.


Where are you from?  Toronto.

What’s one true stereotype about people from Canada?  I am guilty of saying “aboot.” I have to be very vigilant about that when I go on auditions.

What have you heard about Sundance?  That it’s very hard to get into the parties.

What was your first acting experience?  Degrassi: The Next Generation. I was on that show right after Drake. We’re basically like going out now…he just doesn’t know it yet. Anyway, Degrassi was like the best acting school. Plenty of my castmates hadn’t worked [professionally] before, so they taught us. I played a girl named Katie, who was an uptight soccer star/straight-A student-turned-goth after her boyfriend broke up with her. I like playing punky, jaded, misunderstood girls.

What are you going to pack for Park City?  A winter coat and Sorels boots. I’m not an Uggs person.

What’s the buzz about Hellions?  It’s a beautiful, poignant, experimental horror movie with a kick-ass female lead.

Describe your character in one sentence?  Dora is one of those girls that other girls are a little scared of.

How does it feel to be a Sundance sensation?  It feels pretty fabulous, to be honest.

What do you think of Robert Redford?  He’s an incredible actor. I can’t think of one of his films off the top of my head, but thank you, Robert, for making this awesome film festival.


The Verge Declares The PlayStation Vita The Best Handheld Gaming System #Vita #3DS #iPad #Nexus

The Verge have gone against the grain and declared Sony’s ill-fated PlayStation Vita as the best handheld gaming system money can currently buy.

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