[8bit] Verdanturf Town - Pokemon Ruby & Sapphire
  • [8bit] Verdanturf Town - Pokemon Ruby & Sapphire
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[8bit] Verdanturf Town | Pokemon Ruby & Sapphire

This was pretty quick to make. Such simple, yet beautiful song. qwq Still one of my favorite songs from this generation of Pokemon.

On to the next 8bit de-make!

Verdanturf Town
  • Verdanturf Town
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Still getting the hang of FL Studio.

Did this thing by ear so I can get used to the tools. Also this is my favourite theme from Ruby/Sapphire so win-win for me!

It cuts off at the end because it’s supposed to loop :p

Verdanturf Town Remix
  • Verdanturf Town Remix
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Okay here it is. My rendition/remix/remake of Verdanturf Town from RSE. I haven’t made a new remix in months so bare with this. I’ll try some other stuff in the future.

If you really like it and want the mp3, it’s free on my Soundcloud: [x]


Pokemon Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald- Verdanturf Town


Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald- Verdanturf Town (by pokemonmusicmaster)


Verdanturf town … one of my favourite town themes out there. :)

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All righty Jason wanted me to start getting the word out even if we don’t have any stock yet so here I go I guess…

I know a lot of y’all are trekking to the Hoenn region pretty soon to do the league thing there and hopefully we’ll be open by then so keep an eye out near Verdanturf town for Bucking Bronco Breeders. Over ten years of breeding experience specializing in mobile Pokemon capable of overcoming the treacherous terrain of Hoenn. Trainers new to the region or first time trainers can take advantage of a special promotional offer until the end of next month!


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mousynezumi said:

✂ - a vivid memory

Route 102 was just outside of Petalburg City, a close spot was better than nothing. Walking with Norman’s son was rather nice, though they did not speak to each other. This was probably the only time that they would see each other, Wally was moving to Verdanturf Town and the other was a trainer who was travelling the region. It had been awhile since he last met someone around his age so getting to know Brendan… That wasn’t an idea he was against.

Wally was overwhelmed when they walked into Route 102— Several emotions rushed in him when it finally clicked. He was finally going to catch his first Pokemon, he was finally going to become a trainer, well, almost. Pokemon were said to be friends of humans, a special friendship that he dearly wanted. When had been the last time that he had been so excited over something?

Taking a few steps into the grass, Wally was cautious about everything he was doing. More than anything, he wanted this moment to be perfect. It was so suspenseful, like nothing he had never experienced! He was really going to catch his first Pokemon and become best friends with it! Making sure not to mess up, he spoke to Brendan to make sure that—!!

                                                                 “—- Woah!

A Pokemon jumped out of the tall grass. He wasn’t familiar with it, but he was sure that this Pokemon was meant for him! There wasn’t a single doubt in his mind— None! The Pokemon had green hair— Just like him! It was also pretty thrilled, so it must have known, it must have been waiting for him all this time!

Fumbling to send out Norman’s Zigzagoon was a little embarrassing since Brendan was watching. A nice guy he was, for guiding him in this battle. Wally was sure to listen to the other’s advice. Somehow he did it even though there was so much energy in him. With Brendan’s guidance, he was able to catch the Pokemon!

He muttered an “I did it…” in disbelief. It was a true shock, it really was. As excited as he was, he stared blankly at the PokeBall that contained his new companion. For a moment, he thought he was going to cry, but he didn’t


                                        “It’s… My Pokemon! Brendan, thank you!”

devonheir said:

[oos] ₱


Steven received Baltoy! Take good care of it!

"I got an egg for this little guy when I was breeding Pokémon near Verdanturf You can watch them for me, can’t you?" Roxanne asked her Champion.