[8bit] Verdanturf Town - Pokemon Ruby & Sapphire
  • [8bit] Verdanturf Town - Pokemon Ruby & Sapphire
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[8bit] Verdanturf Town | Pokemon Ruby & Sapphire

This was pretty quick to make. Such simple, yet beautiful song. qwq Still one of my favorite songs from this generation of Pokemon.

On to the next 8bit de-make!

Verdanturf Town
  • Verdanturf Town
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Still getting the hang of FL Studio.

Did this thing by ear so I can get used to the tools. Also this is my favourite theme from Ruby/Sapphire so win-win for me!

It cuts off at the end because it’s supposed to loop :p

Verdanturf Town Remix
  • Verdanturf Town Remix
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Okay here it is. My rendition/remix/remake of Verdanturf Town from RSE. I haven’t made a new remix in months so bare with this. I’ll try some other stuff in the future.

If you really like it and want the mp3, it’s free on my Soundcloud: [x]

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Pokemon Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald- Verdanturf Town

Guys, Wally is so important. He has what appears to be asthma; breathing difficulties that clear up in the fresh air of Verdanturf. He accomplishes many things, he grows as a character, and he is great representation for those with asthma. He’s a great character first and foremost and I can identify with his struggles and making sacrifices, like moving or getting rid of pets, in order to breathe and not be miserable.

I looked up to him as a kid because having asthma isn’t easy. Especially considering things like Jimmy Neutron being on TV at the time (Carl Wheezer is bad.) I mean here is a character that has asthma and IT ISN’T A PUNCHLINE! I am so sick of nerdy/geeky characters getting asthma attacks and pulling out that ol’ inhaler as a “look how loser and outcast this character is! Lululul!”

The night I discovered I had it, I was hunched over in a chair, unable to breathe enough to cry because I hurt so much. In the Pokemon world where walking and being physical is a necessity for a trainer, not to mention sudden happenstances and scares, I can imagine it being very difficult for asthmatics.

So Wally is important. Thank you, Pokemon, for an awesome character that a new generation of asthmatic kids can look up to and see a role model. You made an awesome character that is so much more than his illness!

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Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald- Verdanturf Town (by pokemonmusicmaster)

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Verdanturf town … one of my favourite town themes out there. :)

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