papayasadness asked:

what do you do for a living sir or a re you being educated by a higher institution

Nothing and no. this piece of wonder is self made. i mean with help. School was not well done by me because of the Reasons. Never doing homework, skipping classes daily, getting more saturday detentions than there are saturdays in my senior year, going to a Other school for half a year (a great anthropological journey), breaking and entering- basically the most depressed badass in School. I need like a twenty year break.

I’ve just begun the Western epiphany of Get A Job- the “realistic” paths I’m considering pursuing include mortician and MMA coach. This is a pedantic part of my biography though- I am a Great American Novelist in progress.

What is your behavior relating to jobs and school?

Wir sind verblendet von dem Gift der Vergänglichkeit
Ich kann verstehen warum sich niemand hier die Hände reicht
—  Pa Sports