Zodiac signs based on people I know (I'm a Taurus)

Aries: Pipe the fuck down. Not everything is an invitation to fight me. We used to be friends, but your anger issues eventually drove me away.

Taurus: Absolutely amazing person. Absolutely hilarious. I didn’t know she was a Taurus until about a week ago, but we instantly clicked from the first time we met. We understand each other. Also, she actually does love food.

Gemini: We were friends for 10 years and I told him something I had kept from him for 10 years (I’m gay) and he decided to not talk to me anymore. I have encountered many Gemini and all of them have been two faced and eventually stabbed me in the back.

Cancer: She cares for other people more than she cares for herself. When I try to have a heart-to-heart conversation with her, she somehow manages to turn the conversation to how my life is going and I end up crying on her shoulder. Also, she feeds me so she get +20,000 points.

Leo: I don’t know him well enough but i know that we butt heads whenever we are together and we are both super stubborn. No.

Virgo: I know two. One has been my best friend for 3 years and I tell him everything. The other is a close friend…I guess. She is great to talk with. It seems like everyone has an instinct to open up to her and trust her with their feelings. So, she never had a chance to speak about herself and that destroys her. But if you do ask her to open up, she pretends that she is “fine” and nothing is wrong. I love her some days and others I want to strangle her.

Libra: SUPER CHILL. I go to her when I am fighting with Virgo and she just like gives me weed.

Scorpio: She is super bossy. That sometimes is bad but most of the time it is good because she has a level head and great ideas.

Sagittarius: Blunt. If she doesn’t approve of what you are doing, she will tell you no doubt. But at the same time, she is chill and fun to be with but I wouldn’t trust that bitch with anything.

Capricorn: don’t know one

Aquarius: Day one botch. (The “O” is intentional) She is so fucking weird and awkward but at the same time she is the funniest bitch. Whenever I need a pick-me-up she is there to make me lmao and teach me how and why the universe works.

Pisces: Literally 97% of the people I know are Pisces and I kinda just get tired of their repressed emotions and nonchalant-ness. I find them to be TOO laid back and TOO to themselves. THE WORLD IS NOT AGAINST YOU UGH!


Short dance video I made today since I hadn’t played with making videos in awhile. I also wanted to show off the group gift Nyuman skin from Mynx Legend :D Make sure its in HD :D

Listening to Earthquakes on Venus

Detecting an ‘earthquake’ on Venus would seem to be an impossible task. The planet’s surface is a hostile zone of crushing pressure and scorching temperatures—about 874 degrees F, hot enough to melt lead—that would destroy any of the normal instruments used to gauge seismic activity. But conditions …

We know precious little about the interior of Venus. A powerful method geologists use to peer inside the Earth is by listening to the vibrations of the Earth caused by earthquakes. The echoes of the earthquake heard around the world tells us what sort of material the vibrations passed through.

How vibrations from one earthquake may pass through the Earth.

Unfortunately, we cannot set up such instruments on Venus. We have some on the Moon (we’ve actually had people there, so it was possible to place instruments there). Mars is probably next, but we cannot easily justify such a large cost for one instrument. Venus … well, our best machines lasted barely longer than one hour. It gets crushed with a pressure similar to being under 1800 feet of water and it experienced temperatures in excess of 900 degrees Fahrenheit. Not friendly. How will we ever see what Venus is made of?

In the 1883, the volcano Krakatoa erupted, killing tens of thousands. The was felt around the world – literally. Pressure waves traveled all around the world and were recorded by instruments. It makes sense. The explosion pushed a huge amount of air around. The size of this wave and the particulars of the vibrations of the air indicate what sort of event created the waves.

Vibrations in the ground cause vibrations in the air.

Moreover, just as earthquakes can cause tsunamis, they also essentially cause tsunamis in the air! The moving ground shakes the air, and those vibrations travel through the air.

So by floating sensors in the clouds of Venus’ dense atmosphere, we can begin to understand the inner workings of the planet most similar to Earth.

the signs as pretentious 2013 tumblr slang

Aries: too sassy for you

Taurus: fries before guys

Gemini: eat my shorts

Cancer: touch my butt and buy me pizza

Leo: 2fab4u

Virgo: can u not

Libra: 3000% done

Scorpio: i’m a lot cooler on the internet

Sagittarius: what’s the wifi password

Capricorn: frick frack

Aquarius: can u not

Pisces: how about no

the best time to kiss each sign

aries: when they least expect it. follow your first impulse and catch aries off guard. be daring and bold. they need someone wildly affectionate so let your feelings drive you. after a heated argument may be the prime time. 
taurus: when you’re expressing appreciation. in a moment when you realize how much they’re there for you and how much they’ve done for you, a kiss is the perfect thank you for a taurus.
gemini: when they can’t help but smile around you. if you make geminis genuinely happy and show that you can deal with them, they will not mind a kiss and will probably even hint at it with their adorable, nervous giggle.
cancer: when you convince them that they’re safe with you. cancers need to feel secure and protected before progressing to a physical level. if you get them to open up to you, a kiss may be just the right thing to let them know you care.
leo: when you’re confident enough to show them you’ll do anything to make them yours. leos look for someone who will commit to their attraction and willingly act on it. kiss them and don’t hold back.
virgo: when they’ve seen your best side. while they are very aware of their own flaws, virgos notice others’s flaws very easily and need to see that your strengths overpower your weaknesses. a kiss is the perfect way to express to them that you’re worth it.
libra: when they tell you how much you mean to them. if a libra expresses that they have feelings for you, but they don’t know what to do about them, then a kiss is probably the answer they’re looking for.
scorpio: when they look at you like you’re all that matters to them. if scorpios are comfortable enough to give you their trust, that’s when you can give them a kiss. and prepare for the passion.
sagittarius: when they seem nervous or cautious around you. sagittarius wants to make sure you know that they care, so a kiss will give them that opportunity.
capricorn: when they start sending mixed signals. before a capricorn takes action, they want to feel secure in the fact that you feel the same way. they often switch from clingy to distant.
aquarius: when you’re ready to take a chance. while you may have unquestionable feelings for aquarius, they may second guess their own, so a kiss could be just the convincing they need.
pisces: when they’re ready for more than just your secrets. pisces has a genuine interest in listening and learning from other people and being there for them. kiss them after you’ve opened up to them and they let you know that they desire even more of you. 

– in relation to sun and venus / zodiac-galaxy

Reasons the Venus Signs Break Up with Someone

Aries - they felt it was getting too stagnant and boring.

Taurus - they felt like they were being pushed into moving the relationship further than they were ready for.

Gemini - their partner was getting too clingy.

Cancer - they didn’t feel like they were needed by their partner.

Leo - they felt like they were being ignored.

Virgo - they were feeling unappreciated.

Libra - they felt like they were the only ones working to better the relationship.

Scorpio - they didn’t feel like their partner was as committed as they were.

Sagittarius - they felt like they were being trapped by their partner.

Capricorn - the relationship didn’t feel consistent enough for them.

Aquarius - they felt like it was too overly emotional.

Pisces - there wasn’t enough romance in the relationship for them.

Venus Sign ♀ Seduction
  • ♈ Aries Venus:the conquerer. They actively try to win you over and pursue you.
  • ♉ Taurus Venus:is sensual and passionate.
  • ♊ Gemini Venus:seduces with words. Their seductive talk is intelligent and witty.
  • ♋ Cancer Venus:is nurturing and maternal.
  • ♌ Leo Venus:will bend over backwards to impress you and be generous and flashy.
  • ♍ Virgo Venus:is at your service and a perfectionist when it comes to love and beauty.
  • ♎ Libra Venus:creates romantic settings and uses charm to seduce you.
  • ♏ Scorpio Venus:draws you in like a siren by being mysterious and fascinating.
  • ♐ Sagittarius Venus:takes you out on adventures and shows you a whole new world like Aladdin or Tarzan.
  • ♑ Capricorn Venus:is sophisticated and knows how to play it cool.
  • ♒ Aquarius Venus:treats you like a close friend and connects with you on an intellectual level.
  • ♓ Pisces Venus:is dreamy, a hopeless romantic and seduces you with their pure and innocent love.

What’s it like on Venus?

Venus is an enigma. It’s our “sister planet,” very similar to Earth in both size and mass. The planet is basically tied with Mars as the closest planet to our own, but since it’s larger and closer to the Sun than the Red Planet, Venus is very often the brightest object in our sky. It’s a dominant force in our mythology, and even in history — so why do we know so little about it? We’re sending probes to Pluto for heaven’s sake, and that’s not even a real planet anymore!

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Real Photos from Venus

Only a little bit smaller than Earth, Venus is often described as our sister planet - but no human could survive on Venus. It’s the second closest planet to the Sun and is a world rife with intense heat, violent volcanism, craters, mountains, continents, and a thick, toxic atmosphere resulting from a runaway greenhouse effect. The atmosphere is mainly carbon dioxide and nitrogen, with clouds of sulfuric acid, and it traps huge amounts of heat from the Sun. In fact, Venus is the hottest planet in the solar system, with temperatures reaching a hellish 480 degrees C - hot enough to melt lead.

Over 40 spacecraft have studied Venus, including the 1975 Venera landers that sent back the first images from the surface, and the Magellan mission that completed a map of 98% of the planet’s surface in 1993, using radar to penetrate the cloud. Some of these images are features above. Click them for captions!

(Image Credit: NASA / NSSDCESA)


Modern geometric illustrations of Planets of the Solar System.

These infographic illustrations feature a history of scientific exploration. Probes, satellites, space stations, etc., highlighting the achievements of man in astronomic discovery. Each illustration also features the distance from the Sun, rotational period in days/years and the number of confirmed, natural satellites.

mercury is the young student fascinated by learning, who loves to outsmart and pull pranks on his schoolmates

venus is the artistic schoolgirl who develops a crush on every boy she meets and writes incredible poetry about each one

mars is the short-tempered jock who understands more through grabbing and threatening rather than listening

jupiter is the historian who always guesses right on their tests and stays after class to ask their teacher more about old religion & mythology

saturn is the studious introvert juggling AP classes and extracurriculars, acing everything but spreading themselves thin as paper

uranus is the spunky rebel who dyes their hair different each month and campaigns for a hundred ways to improve school policy

neptune is the galaxy-minded inquirer who doodles their brain creations on paper, building entire worlds in their head before hearing their teacher

pluto is the mysterious dark child, looming the schoolyards brooding with the intensity of their mind, feeling the weight of the world on their shoulders