Here’s your first look at Venus Van Dam’s return to ‘Sons of Anarchy’

No matter how dark things get on FX’s Sons of Anarchy, just remember that Venus Van Dam is on the way. The transgender escort played by Justified‘s Walton Goggins makes her return in the Sept. 30 episode when SAMCRO, in need of information, pays her a visit. As fans know, the cast lights up any time her name is mentioned, and Goggins feels that each time he steps on set.

“I really do, and it’s weird. Because I personally, Walton Goggins, don’t feel that—I feel it as Venus,” he says. “Venus feels it and recipocates that with her boys—all the guys on the show. She just considers them brothers, like seeing family that she hasn’t seen in a while. They’re so kind and so gentle to Venus. It’s so refreshing. There’s no competition, there’s just enjoyment on all sides.”

Venus, who was introduced in season five and returned in season six, will also appear in the final ride’s 10th episode. As creator Kurt Sutter told EW, “We find out what’s been going down off-screen between Venus and Tig [Kim Coates]. It’ll be our love story for the season.”

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Warty Venus (Venus verrucosa)

…a species of saltwater “venus clam” (Veneridae) which is distributed along the European coast and also the southern African coast, from Namibia to Mozambique. Warty venuses occupy the subtidal zone, where they will burrow into the mud/sand with only their siphons exposed, allowing them to filter feed.


Animalia-Mollusca-Bivalvia-Heterodonta-Euheterodonta-Veneroida-Veneroidea-Veneridae-Venus-V. verrucosa

Image: Hans Hillewaert


Surprising no-one, Venus won my mini-poll asking who to do another one of these with.

As if she was appearing in a Super Smash Bros (or any fighting) game, here we have eight palettes (including a bonus remodelled costume for two of em) for Venus.  The top four are based off existing variants of Venus and the bottom four based off other characters.  Can you guess em all?  Unlike Alice’s these ones are a fair bit vaguer, both in terms of what they reference and how close these recolours are to being reminiscent of the originals, so I’ll include some answers down below.

And like last time, for trivia’s sake, were these “from” 64, Melee or Brawl, I’d use number 1 for blue team colours, number 2 for green team colours, and number 8 for red team colours.

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Answers (dA links):
1 2 3 4
5 6 7 8
(1 is just her standard outfit of course and 3 is what’s under it.  4 has different stockings just to make it a little more individual from 3.)