The Existential Horror of DESTINY: Requiem for a Guardian

A world weary guardian shares the existential torment at the heart of the DESTINY experience.

Music: Okhotsk by Michael McCann

jclok said:

Shitennou, do you guys have embarrassing moments at times with each other? (As pranks this one goes out for you too Senshi.)


One time I snipped part of Nephrite’s “glorious mane” (his words) and he went totally berserk. Guy really cares about his hair. Another time I stole his hair products and put dye in his shampoo. He went around with purple hair for a week and didn’t talk to me for a month. I don’t understand the problem; he seemed to like the color when it’s not on his hair.


Oh, I just hide underwear all over my friends’ belongings. Gives me a priceless reaction every time. Especially Rei-chan.

Here are a couple of the less well-known pieces of astrophotography.

These two images were originally sent back to Earth from the Soviet Venera program probes (I believe these specific two came from Venera 13, though I don’t have the citation to hand).

That’s right - that barren rocky wasteland is Venus.

These images are particularly notable because Venus has a surface temperature of over 460 Celsius and a pressure of around 90 bars. That atmosphere is also pure poison. The clouds you can see aren’t water vapour; they’re composed of droplets of sulphuric acid. The ‘air’ itself is 94% carbon dioxide, with most of the rest being nitrogen and a lot of weird nasties.

None of the Venera landers remained operational for more than a couple of hours once on Venus’s surface. But frankly, given how unbelievably hostile the surface conditions are there, it’s a miracle they were able to function at all.


Today [October 27th] marks the 1 year anniversary of the first promo single off of ‘ARTPOP’ ‘Venus’

Originally Venus was scheduled to be the 2nd single off ARTPOP after Applause but was later replaced with Do What U Want due to bigger sales. Venus at the time sold 411,000 copies worldwide and Do What U Want exceeded 739,000 Copies.

Venus peaked at #32 on the Billboard Hot 100 selling 108,000 digital downloads in its first week becoming Gaga’s lowest charting Promo single under Hair [#12] and Dope [#8] but peaked at #1 on the Billboard Dance/Electronic songs becoming Gaga’s 14th #1 on that chart, Venus also peaked on the Billboard Club Songs becoming Gaga’s 11th #1 on that chart. Venus later charted in the Top 15 worldwide selling 250,000 copies in other countries.

Like Do What U Want, Venus was scheduled to have a music video directed by Ruth Hobgen but was later scrapped due to poor management Gaga was under.

Venus was performed numerously such as; X Factor, The Muppets Holiday Spectacular, SmapXSmap and most recently on her Worldwide tour Lady Gaga’s artRAVE: The ARTPOP Ball.

Venus has 3 Album covers all shot and edited by Steven Klein, one extra cover was used for the Audio video on youtube.

Happy Anniversary Venus!