Faulkner set to Return

James Faulkner, possibly, will make his return to action at a venue (Perth) where he left the field with a side strain during the tri-series final against England exactly a month ago to the day.

It won’t be an exaggeration to say that Australia, with the World Cup not too far away, were more concerned about Faulkner’s fitness than they were about Michael Clarke’s recovery by the February 21st deadline set by Cricket Australia. Faulkner has been one Australia’s most influential cricketers in the shorter format in the last couple of years, combining his effective medium pace bowling with his lower-order batting.    

Faulkner admitted he feared his World Cup chances were over when he walked off clutching his left lower back.

“When I have had an injury, my knee and my side, they have not been little niggles that (recovered) in one or two weeks. But having said that, I have not been injured that much in my career, touch wood. You have to always try and look at the positives, as hard as it is to swallow at the time. Positive is that hopefully I am back sooner rather than later,” he remarked on Monday.

“Back to the scene of the crime,” he said when asked if he felt nice about his chances of him making a comeback at the WACA. “Anytime you get to play, it is obviously exciting and hopefully on Wednesday, I will have the chance to play for Australia. I am going to have a bowl today, half a dozen overs in the nets and hopefully I am available for selection, and hopefully I get picked. If I get through today, I will be available for selection.

“I bowled a couple of overs pretty much pretty close (to full tilt last week). The difference is in the intensity of an ODI. Look to have a solid hit out today and hopefully recover well and be ready on Wednesday afternoon,” he said.

Faulkner hoped the time off from cricket wouldn’t affect his rhythm. “Hopefully it does not have much of an impact at all. Three or four weeks, you look at it different ways. It has given me some time to freshen up and get my body feeling good again and hopefully it holds me in good shape come the back end of this tournament,” he reasoned.

2015 NRL Match Preview: Penrith Panthers vs Canterbury Bankstown Bulldogs

2015 NRL Match Preview: Penrith Panthers vs Canterbury Bankstown Bulldogs via @JakeBull93 @penrithpanthers @NRL_Bulldogs #NRLPanthersBulldogs #NRLPenCby

Date: Sunday 8th March, 2015

Venue: Pepper Stadium

Kick-Off: 4pm

Panthers:  1 Matt Moylan, 2 George Jennings, 3 Dean Whare, 4 Jamal Idris, 5 Dallin Watene Zelezniak, 6 Jamie Soward, 7 Peter Wallace (c), 8 Sam McKendry, 9 James Segeyaro, 10 Brent Kite, 11 Sika Manu, 12 Lewis Brown, 13 Elijah Taylor Interchange, 14 Tyrone Peachey, 15 Jeremy Latimore, 16 Reagan Campbell-Gillard, 17 Bryce Cartwright,…

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Benny Càmaro - I Wanna Give nel Provenzano Dj Show / m2o

Bel risultato per il dj producer italiano Benny Càmaro. La sua “I Wanna Give”, appena uscita su Beatport per Kluster Records, un treno di ritmo che non lascia stanco, è piaciuta molto ad Amerigo Provenzano, che il 2 marzo l’ha proposto nel suo Provenzano Dj Show sulle frequenze di m2o. Dj affermato, cantautore (in questo ruolo si fa chiamare Benny Moschini), musicista, produttore e direttore artistico di locali, Benny Càmaro non sta fermo un attimo e svolge diverse professioni che girano tutte però intorno alla musica di qualità. Come dj, Benny Càmaro inizia giovanissimo, nel 1998. Dal 2005 lavora con continuità nei club, partendo dalla Costa Smeralda, facendo ballare tutti i più importanti club della zona (Sottovento, Sopravento, Billionaire)… Per un periodo è stato direttore artistico del Mynt Lounge Club, all’epoca importante realtà di San Pantaleo. Oggi invece è direttore artistico del Venus e del Porta D’Oro, due dei locali notturni più storici di Milano. La carriera di producer l’ha intrapresa negli ultimi anni realizzando un importante remix per Enrico Ruggeri (“L’Onda Remix”). Ha anche remixato Dj Cicco Loko - Baila Papito feat. Valeria Valente (Amici) e Alesya - Apro gli occhi, presentata a Reggio Emilia allo stadio durante la partita Sassuolo -  Napoli.

Per ascoltare il passaggio su m2o / Provenzano Dj Show con Amerigo Provenzano e Manuela Doriani


Un espace de plus à investir par l'agriculture urbaine

Notre atelier abritant déjà suffisamment d’expérimentations, nous avons cherché quel autre espace de notre appartement pouvait devenir un support d’expérimentations d’agricoles. Ce balcon est donc devenu l’heureux élu, avec l’envie de détourner l’usage de cette étagère pauvrement fleuri.

Mais quelle expérimentation y faire ??

Le dernier venu de la culture hors-sol, c’est l’aquaponie. L’aquaponie associe l’élevage de poisson et la culture de plante en circuit (presque) fermé. Cela fonctionne grâce à la symbiose entre les poissons, les plantes et les bactéries présentes naturellement : les déjections des poissons sont alors transformées en matières assimilables par les plantes qui, à leur tour, purifient l’eau. Dans ces conditions optimales les plantes poussent plus vite et sont naturellement plus belles.

Voilà le nouveau projet !

Building galaxies in Star Citizen's expanding universe

I do love to check out other sites with relevant information. I want to find stuff I don’t know yet. Here is another interesting post I found.

With $74 million raised and a universe of promises made to more than a quarter of a million people, some may wonder just how realistic Chris Roberts’ vision for the all-encompassing, but still unreleased space simulator Star Citizen is….Building galaxies in Star Citizen’s expanding universe

Up-to-date again. This was the latest information I could find on the internet. I hope you enjoyed reading it.

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logneper asked:

Que pensez-vous de faire le contraire de ce que vous proposez actuellement. Commencer par le dessin et illustrer ? Cela permettrait d'avoir une autre vision, comme Ray et Eluard à leur époque ? J'apprécie énormément ce que vous faites ! logneper

On en pense que du bien.
Parfois même ça nous arrive.
On reste ouvert.
Parfois même on inverse
C’est Damien qui propose un texte au lieu d’une illustration et Damien qui illustre au lieu de proposer un texte.
Ça se voit lorsque l’image est à gauche et le texte à droite.
Pour les fois où l’image est venue avant le texte, il n’y a que nous qui le savons mais ce n’est pas si rare :)
Merci pour votre message
Bonne journée



The Future: I see clouds, could be smoke. Could be steam as in steamy or erotic. Or something burns down. Or a storm is coming.

good luck,


-83 Square Venus - Neptune

Challenging short-term aspect: You may not feel very much at ease, a feeling that all’s not well or of emptiness around you might temporarily encase you as if you were in a thick fog. You are unlikely to feel like doing much in the way of work or routine, feeling a little lazy or distracted. You are seducible, given to fantasies and poor judgment, particularly in love or with friends, and regarding money. Not seeing reality. Deception may be part of the picture.


Tokyo to rejigger three Olympic venues in cost-cutting drive

#OlympicGames #SummerOlympics [Japan Times]we have a basic plan,” Tokyo organizing committee director Toshiro Muto told reporters Friday on the sidelines of the IOC’s latest assessment of preparations for the 2016 Summer Olympics, South America’s first, in Rio de Janeiro. Muto said the …

anonymous asked:

What's your astrology sign?

I’m Scorpio sun, Taurus moon, Aries ascendant :) Most of my chart is Scorpio, including my venus :33 (my venus is Scorpio in seventh house :D ) I like my tea sweetened with honey and I study music. 

At Gajah Mada Plaza

Venue paling pewe utk menunggu!!! Tempat duduknya banyak, AC-nya dingin, WC-nya bersih. – at Gajah Mada Plaza – See on Path.

Venus son?


Author: Jennifer A. Nielsen

Publisher: Scholastic Press

Publication Date: February 24, 2015


When Nic, a slave in the mines outside of Rome, is forced to enter a sealed cavern containing the lost treasures of Julius Caesar, he finds much more than gold and gemstones: He discovers an ancient bulla, an amulet that belonged to the great Caesar and is…

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blue-eyed-owl asked:

Hey! In May I'll be seeing a WTNV live show and I know you went to one on the European tour and wanted to ask if they sold any merch at the venue? Thanks and PS you are gorgeous!

ah lucky you, the live shows are so much fun! at the one i went to they sold some merch (the scary deer t-shirt, the shirt with the wtnv logo, some CDs, and a poster if I don’t remember wrong?), so i would definitely recommend brining some money (i think that they accept card though, i can’t really remember, but better safe than sorry!). aw, thank you <3

anonymous asked:

The venue has changed since the last Paley Fest I attended but when it was at a smaller theater, fans tended to rush the stage after the panel and get something signed from whoever hung around. And the last time I saw a Glee panel Hemo stuck around so, if they do that chances are you'll get to! You probably want to be sitting in the front couple of rows though or be prepared right as it ends because when I say they rush the stage they RUSH.

omg thanks so much anon. This is a really great info. This time around the seats are assigned though and fortunately I got the ones that aren’t too far from the stage (Row G). My biggest challenge is probably the fact that I sit in the middle of my row and it’s probably not gonna be easy to get to the stage fast enough, so pray for me that I can manage it >___<

btw do you happen to know if there’s a chance that I’ll get to take photo with her? During the signing process or after the event?

Gonzalo Sandoval, un lector de iPhoneros.com, ha cazado el yate de Steve Jobs en Panamá y ha compartido las fotos con nosotros para que lo veamos todos.

Por lo visto estaba en la Bahía Flamenco para realizar una pequeña reparación.

Es solo una curiosidad pero no deja de ser una sorpresa encontrarse con el barco de los sueños de la Familia Jobs dando vueltas por el mundo. Si ves el Venus (que es como se llama) por tus costas, ¡no dudes en enviarnos la foto!

Muchas gracias Gonzalo por las imágenes.

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