The sign’s thoughts during their first kiss

((This post works best if you look at your Venus and Mars signs along with your regular one!!))

Aries: *aggressively tries to wiggle their mouths in whatever way will please their partner most*

Taurus: I wonder if I can figure out what they ate for lunch today by the taste of their mouth.

Gemini: okay but what am I supposed to talk about when this is over???

Cancer: so when’s the wedding

Leo: I’m so good at this :)

Virgo: this will be really embarrassing if my breath smells bad.

Libra: honestly why do our mouths have to make such obnoxious noises

Scorpio: is this when I put in my tongue or

Sagittarius: wowee wow wow I’m so glad I can show this person I love them in this way 

Capricorn: tbh this is a lot more boring than I thought it would be

Aquarius: wait are my eyes supposed to be closed too???

Pisces: how are they feeling about this am i doing a good job mother of god what if i hurt them waht if i bite off their tongue on accident w h a t i f

Venus signs when someone hurts,someone they love.

Will kill them: Scorpio,Capricorn,Aries

Punch that little bitch in the face: Pisces,Libra,Cancer

Rip their dick or boobs off,with bare hands: Leo,Taurus,Gemini

Run them over with a car: Sagittarius,Aquarius,Virgo

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This is probably pretty dumb, but when dealing with compatibility, is it always better to look at the venus signs than the sun signs?

I’d say moons, mercury, venus, and mars are most important in any kind of relationships

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Hi! I was reading on an astrology site that someone's venus can only be the sign right before or after their sun sign. But my friend's sun is in cancer and their venus is in virgo? Unless it's in like the cusp of leo/virgo?

Yeah your Venus is two signs forward or back from your sun. And when your on a cusp it’s either the first or last 5 degrees in a sign

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confession: So in my group of friends I started having a crush on my guy friend (cancer) he's the cutest dork ever oh my god he makes my heart do funny things. bUT OK SO LAST WEEK MY OTHER GUY FRIEND (Aquarius) KEPT ON BEING SO CLINGY TO ME @ THE MOVIES AND MY CRUSH WAS THERE TOO SO WHAT THE HECK AND AQUARIUS KISSED ME N LIKE ? IDK WHAT TO DO I STILL LIKE CANCER UGH BUT THAT KISS WAS SO GREAT IDK CAMCAM HELP (the real question tho who am I more compatible with lmao) a conflicted libra girl


if you give me your venus sign, i can give you more detailed advice if you like!

what type of person the signs need:

Aries: wants to find someone they don’t have to act all tough around all the time, (they feel like its an expectation they constantly have to live up to, but they cant always be strong and they need someone to understand that)

Taurus: wants someone that they know will stay and always be there for them no matter what they need someone they can be assure they can fall back to incase of really anyyything

Gemini: wants someone who will laugh with them and constantly be by their side someone exiting and funny with a good sense of humor

Cancer: theeey need someone who will pick them up when they fall and never judge them for their emotions, their brave enough to show them and that should not be taken for weakness

Leo: someone who will cuddle with them even when their angry and who will let them know how much they appreciate them, just because they seem confident doesn’t mean they really feel that way on the inside

Virgo: they need someone who brings out their loud side, someone who teaches them they don’t need to be so shy or protected all the time andwho would be willing to show them the world

Libra: needs someone who will reassure them, who will calm them down when they get stressful about something without a complaint in the world

Scorpio: they need someone whoo will love them unconditionally and give them back just as much love as they need and wont be willing to break their heart

Sagittarius: need someone who knows when to give them space but will still lovee more them more than anything despite how they can be distant

Capricorn: someone that will bring out the good side in them, make them laugh, and teach them to not be so serious all the time

Aquarius: they need somebody who wont give up on them even when they shut you out, someone who will act interested in them and make them feel important, they don’t get that feeling too often

Pisces: need someone who wont take them for granted, somebody that wants to spend a lot of time with theem doing little things, and who will make them feel protected when their emotions are going out of control

Attracted to...

Venus in:

Aries: Boldness, High Energy, Confidence, Intensity, Adrenaline

Gemini: Wit, Intelligence, Play, Giggles, Knowledge

Taurus: Sensuality, Stability, Loyalty, indulgence, sexuality

Cancer: Imagination, Nurture, empathy, humor, sensitivity

Leo: Drama, adoration, affection, extravagance, admiration

Virgo: Wit, Care, practicality, intelligence, Serving

Libra: Harmony, diplomacy, intelligence, romance, fairy tails

Scorpio: mystery, transformation, secrets, intensity, possession

Sagittarius: Expansion, humor, optimism, freedom, travel

Capricorn: Support, formality, productivity, ambition, dry humor

Aquarius: Eccentricity, originality, innovation, quirks, intelligence

Pisces: Art, Spirituality, empathy, escapism, illusions

Venus Sign ♀ Seduction
  • ♈ Aries Venus:the conquerer. They actively try to win you over and pursue you.
  • ♉ Taurus Venus:is sensual and passionate.
  • ♊ Gemini Venus:seduces with words. Their seductive talk is intelligent and witty.
  • ♋ Cancer Venus:is nurturing and maternal.
  • ♌ Leo Venus:will bend over backwards to impress you and be generous and flashy.
  • ♍ Virgo Venus:is at your service and a perfectionist when it comes to love and beauty.
  • ♎ Libra Venus:creates romantic settings and uses charm to seduce you.
  • ♏ Scorpio Venus:draws you in like a siren by being mysterious and fascinating.
  • ♐ Sagittarius Venus:takes you out on adventures and shows you a whole new world like Aladdin or Tarzan.
  • ♑ Capricorn Venus:is sophisticated and knows how to play it cool.
  • ♒ Aquarius Venus:treats you like a close friend and connects with you on an intellectual level.
  • ♓ Pisces Venus:is dreamy, a hopeless romantic and seduces you with their pure and innocent love.
the signs as pretentious 2013 tumblr slang

Aries: too sassy for you

Taurus: fries before guys

Gemini: eat my shorts

Cancer: touch my butt and buy me pizza

Leo: 2fab4u

Virgo: can u not

Libra: 3000% done

Scorpio: i’m a lot cooler on the internet

Sagittarius: what’s the wifi password

Capricorn: frick frack

Aquarius: can u not

Pisces: how about no

What You Look for according to your Venus Sign:

Your Venus Sign indicates how you are in a relationship, it can also indicate what someone looks for in a partner.

Aries Venus look for a partner who is a challenge. They like an energy that is charming, confident, and active. Aries Venus look for chemistry and wants someone they can go after and impress. 

Taurus Venus looks for someone who is stable, caring, and sensual. They like those who are understanding, patient, and easygoing.

Whether they realize it or not Gemini Venus craves stimulation and variety in relationships. Gemini Venus wants fun, simplicity, passion, devotion, freedom, they want a partner who can somehow give it all in their own way.

Cancer Venus wants someone who is reassuring, affectionate, comforting, and romantic. Cancer Venus can be attracted to those they can take care of or even protect.

Leo Venus is attracted to larger displays of affection and love. They are drawn to anyone they deem impressive and confident.

Virgo Venus looks for a partner that is intelligent, self-reliant, patient, attentive, and is more carefree than them. They can be attracted to someone more emotional and passionate than them. It gives them just enough of a rush. Virgo Venus can be drawn to people who need their help and make them feel useful.

Libra Venus is a position that makes one look for romance, affection, and someone who can give them the full courting experience. Libra Venus loves to explore a partner’s personality, they want someone who can compliment them but is also an equal.

Scorpio Venus is drawn to those with passion, emotional appeal, and who comes off as a strong person in some way. They want someone they can always learn more about, especially on an emotional and deep level.

Sagittarius Venus looks for someone who can blow their mind. They want a mental and physical connection. A Sagittarius Venus ideal partner will make them feel adventurous and curious but also will naturally trust them, is honest, and upfront.

Capricorn Venus is looking for a lifelong partner. They want wife/husband material. Support, loyalty, and maturity is important to them. 

Aquarius Venus is looking for someone to be their lifelong friend. A person they can confide in and will respect their individuality. They need a mental connection before anything else.

Pisces Venus can sometimes be attracted to those that seem helpless or that need a lot of emotional support. They are attracted to those who are sensitive, creative, romantic, loving, and sexual.

Venus sign needs:

Aries: excitement and Passion

Taurus: loyalty and stability

Gemini: conversation and humour

Cancer: Nurture and emotional connection

Leo: Drama and affection

Virgo: Thoughtfulness and articulation

Libra: partnership and socialising

Scorpio: A deep connection and possession

Sagittarius: Freedom and expansion

Capricorn: productivity and support

Aquarius: Acceptance and quirkiness

Pisces: spiritual connection and calmness