venus in retrograde

On July 25th this year, there is going to be a venus retrograde (in virgo) and it will last until September 6th. The venus retrograde happens once every 18 months and it lasts for about 40 days. During this time, it is advised to organize and make sure any artistic project is focused, not to get cosmetic surgery, get married, throw big parties, or change one’s make up or hair. There are likely going to be more debates throughout this time, and people are likely to dress in muted colors. The past will definitely come up and affect everyone during the retrograde. Relationships with family, friends, or partners may not fare well either. Emotions are charged during this time, make sure you’re prepared.

Summary: this affects love, beauty, social life and anything considered artistic. be careful during this, and make sure you watch your back during this time!

Marinas Venus Playlist

  1. True Love’s Kiss Amy Adams & James Marsden
  2. Love on Top Beyonce Knowles
  3. Perfect Faiground Attraction
  4. So Close Jon McLaughlin
  5. Girls Chase Boys Ingrid Michaelson
  6. If that’s not Love The Naked Brothers Band
  7. Can’t help falling in Love Ingrid Michaelson
  8. Love is an open door Kristen Bell
  9. I do Adore Mindy Gledhill
  10. This Kiss Faith Hill
  11. Adored by Him Dodie Clark
  12. Lovefool The Cardigans

Aphrodite, Connor and Travis don’t get enough credit for what they did in The Titan’s Curse. They knew about Percy wanting to go after Annabeth. They know how close the two of them are. They know that Percy would go after her no matter what but they knew he’d have trouble going because of the hunters so they did what they always do, cause mischief. She gave them a shirt, knowing they’d be happy to cause trouble and get revenge for capture the flag and gave it to Phoebe and it was laced with centaur blood.

  • Sun:Our inner and outer glow
  • Moon:The person we become when we need our mother
  • Mercury:The chatterbox in the mind
  • Venus:Senses, the music of the heart
  • Mars:Directed energy, impulse, surges
  • Jupiter:The voice of celebration, encouragement, the treasure map
  • Saturn:The critical parent voice
  • Neptune:What we seek for redemption
  • Uranus:Light bulb 'eureka' moments
  • Pluto:The soul's manuscript
Your Venus Sign's Bad Side
  • Venus in Aries:You can be quite selfish and self-centered in relationships. You sometimes dismiss your partner's needs because you're solely concerned about your own. You get bored easily and are consequentially hard to pin down.
  • Venus in Taurus:You're a very loyal lover and this could potentially make you quite possessive. You like to take things slow and it takes you a while to show someone you're interested, which may prevent potential relationships from blossoming. You dislike change and prefer consistency, which may prevent the relationship from growing.
  • Venus in Gemini:You're a light-hearted lover that dislikes seriousness and substance. You're very emotionally detached and may find yourself forming more of a friendship with your partner rather than a relationship. You're by far the hardest sign to pin down, and you likely jump from relationship to relationship.
  • Venus in Cancer:You're very needy in relationships and when these needs fail to be met, you react with an outburst of emotion and/or moodiness. Whenever your relationships face any hardships, you become very passive-aggressive, refusing to face the matter head-on. You fear being alone, so you can also be very clingy.
  • Venus in Leo:Although you're generally a very generous lover, you require an immense amount of attention in your relationships. If your partner fails to provide you with that, you resort to others in order to fulfill your needs. You're a loyal lover, but your tendency to crave attention from others may lead your partner to think you aren't quite committed.
  • Venus in Virgo:You always look before you leap and you take a very practical approach to love. Some may find you too cold and unfeeling in relationships, as you primarily rely on logic and reasoning rather than your emotions. You can be very critical of your partner without even realizing it. Similarly, you may over-analyze your relationship and focus too much on its flaws.
  • Venus in Libra:You're always fair in relationships, and this can cause you to compromise far too much for the sake of your partner. You always put your partner's needs before your own, and you'll go to great extremes in order to please them. For this reason, you may be taken advantage of in your relationships.
  • Venus in Scorpio:You're an intense lover who feels very deeply. You're very skeptical in relationships, constantly paranoid that your partner may be cheating on you. This makes you very possessive and jealous in your relationships. If someone wrongs you in the slightest, you'll make it a point to make their life a living hell.
  • Venus in Sagittarius:You loathe clinginess and need plenty of freedom in your relationships. You may find yourself neglecting your partner due to your tendency to all too often stray away from the relationship. When things get rough, you prefer to run away from your problems rather than confront them, which consequentially causes many of your relationships to end prematurely.
  • Venus in Capricorn:You're very self-protective and fear vulnerability more than anything. You take quite a long time to let your guard down, and this often gives others the wrong impression. Many mistake your protectiveness for coldness, and you may not be able to immediately fulfill your partner's needs for this very reason.
  • Venus in Aquarius:You fear being tied down and caged in relationships. Your individuality is of the upmost importance to you, and you sometimes avoid relationships in order to maintain your own independence. You aren't the emotional type and can be quite cold and detached in relationships.
  • Venus in Pisces:You're a very sensitive lover who is always sensitive to the needs of your partner. You assume the responsibility of saving your partner from the cruelness of the outside world and consequentially put too much weight on your shoulders. You're very sacrificing and selfless in love, as you're overly optimistic and always see the good in everyone, and this can cause you to land yourself in toxic relationships.
The signs on a first date

Aries: Will make sure that they aren’t better than them at anything they love before they proceed

Taurus: Judges the other person the entire date, probably has like 10 back up plans

Gemini: “So do you like that? NOoooo wayyy!?!?!! You know i like that thing too we are totally destined for eachother omGGGGG”

Cancer: “Soooo…. Children?”

Leo: Tries to charm them but ends up choking and going “I think tHAT YOU ARE ATTRACTIVE”

Virgo: Has done their research and know what their date did the 23/2 1998, and what they wore + their history if being problematic

Libra: Probably has like 3 dates at the same time smh

Scorpio: A lot of lingering eye contact in an attempt to be sexy but just ends up looking psychotic

Sagittarius: Has like 333 first dates per week only for the aftermath

Capricorn: “Do you have a history of heart disease in your family?”

Aquarius: Tries to find out things about the other person but doesn’t want to seem clingy….

Pisces: Imagines their future house and 2.5 children during the date

the planets as descriptions

the sun, is golden streams of happiness. a child’s laughter, and rush of pride. the sense of self among all. the sun is the heart of your personality, the core of your soaring heart.

mercury is your megaphone. it’s a silky honey-like voice, and the roll of a tongue. mercury is the way you slip your hair behind your ear when embarrassed, the way you clap when you laugh, your communicative drive.

venus is the rise in your heart when in love. its the feeling of anticipation before a date, and the warm feeling in your heart after the first kiss. its the excitement before going out with your friends, and the happiness when staying up the whole night on the phone with your lover. 

mars is the burning feeling in the back of your throat during confrontation. its the power and energy you feel when angered, and the huff of breath after rage. mars is the instinct you feel, your natural behavior, and your wild attraction.

jupiter is the philosopher. it’s the intuitive search for answer, curiosity and luck. its purpose, and knowledge. jupiter is the force leading you towards higher intellect and adventure.

saturn is your limit, your breaking point. saturn is the conscience reminding you of your responsibilities, bringing you back to reality. saturn brings wisdom and growth. saturn is self-growth. saturn reminds us of our father figures, our authority and teachers. 

uranus is rebellion, innovation. uranus is breaking the tradition. uranus brings us forward, and moves us further. uranus is the creation of something new, its the discovery of uniqueness. our difference from everyone else. 

neptune is illusion. neptune is a blind belief, a naive trust. neptune is kindness, and forgiveness. neptune gives us the benefit of the doubt, and the ability to give mercy. neptune is a dreamy wonderland, and a sense of hope.

pluto is rebirth. a somber feeling of distrust, everything beneath your knowledge. pluto is a power struggle, a curtain shielding the truth. 

Venus: How You Express Love
  • Venus in Aries:flirtatiously, daringly, boldly
  • Venus in Taurus:cautiously, sensually, physically
  • Venus in Gemini:light-heartedly, flirtatiously, verbally
  • Venus in Cancer:emotionally, affectionately, nourishingly
  • Venus in Leo:generously, grandly, flashily
  • Venus in Virgo:practically, critically, rationally
  • Venus in Libra:fairly, compromisingly, romantically
  • Venus in Scorpio:intensely, passionately, possessively
  • Venus in Sagittarius:flirtatiously, spontaneously, candidly
  • Venus in Capricorn:cautiously, hesitantly, devotedly
  • Venus in Aquarius:unconventionally, intellectually, distantly
  • Venus in Pisces:sentimentally, selflessly, uncritically
love songs (venus signs)

Venus in Aries : Bubblegum Bitch, Marina and the Diamonds

I’ll chew you up and I’ll spit you out
‘Cause that’s what young love is all about
So pull me closer and kiss me hard
I’m gonna pop your bubblegum heart.

Venus in Taurus : Thinking Out Loud, Ed Sheeran

And darling I will be loving you 'til we’re 70
And baby my heart could still fall as hard at 23.

Venus in Gemini : Love is a Laserquest, Arctic Monkeys

And do you still think love is a laserquest
Or do you take it all more seriously?

Venus in Cancer : Run, Daughter

Will you stay with me, my love?
Till we’re old and grey
I don’t wanna be alone
When these bones decay.

Venus in Leo : Romeo & Juliet, The Killers

You said
“I love you like the stars above
I love you ‘till I die.”

Venus in Virgo : Love is Blindness, Jack White

Love is blindness
I’m so sick of it.

Venus in Libra : Suck it and See, Arctic Monkeys

You have got that face that just says
“Baby, I was made to break your heart.”

Venus in Scorpio : Closer, Nine Inch Nails

My whole existence is flawed
You get me closer to God.

Venus in Sagittarius : How to be a Heartbreaker, Marina and the Diamonds

Rule number one
Is that you gotta have fun
But baby when you’re done
You gotta be the first to run.

Venus in Capricorn : The Only Exception, Paramore

Maybe I know somewhere deep in my soul
That love never lasts
And we’ve got to find other ways to make it alone.

Venus in Aquarius : Us Against the World, Lana Del Rey

What do you need to get high for when your baby’s to die for?
Quit your job, let’s make a ride for, it’s us against the world.

Venus in Pisces : Underwater, Mika

‘Cause all I need
Is the love you breathe
Put your lips on me and I can live


Venus in Libra are happiest when they are in a relationship as they are true romantics through and through. They see the value in being a pair. They can fall easily in love and may have trouble waiting for the right person, but their efforts to please others can really chip away at their heart. They are gentle lovers who hate to be treated unfairly. They are threatened by rude manners and abrasive expressions of emotions. They believe in compromise and will always try to seek the middle ground in relationships to keep everything peaceful. Venus in Libra will try to impress people with their kindness and fairness because this is something they value very much.