Midnight Spell by Adrienne Rozzi // POISON APPLE PRINTSHOP
Handmade screenprinted back patch

      With an apple red as blood, a woodland witch works a spell under a star studded midnight sky. A mighty sorceress, she is powerful and cunning willing the fortunes of the universe in her favor. She wears a diadem woven from wild mint and a coal-black cloak draped with the furs of her animal familiars that have long since passed. Beneath her minty crown silver hair falls like water and glistens in the light of the full moon. The enchantress grasps a ruby red apple and silver athame as she casts a spell to bring her love, beauty, wisdom, and immortality. Harnessing all of her powers, she raises the dagger high in the air and with one swift movement stabs the apple. The fruit is now imbued with all the fortunes she wishes to attract. Bathed in starlight the sorceress devours the magical apple and all that she desired is set in motion. Her eyes shine with the flicker of fire, creation, and immeasurable power as she cackles in the dead of night.
      Mint is a common herb used in spell work to bring the spell caster fortune, purification, prosperity, healing, travel, strength, and psychic awareness. When placed inside a witch’s circle it will attract benevolent spirits and promote good energy.
      Apples are perhaps the most magical of all fruits. Often used in spell work and placed on altars, the fruit is associated with love, fertility, immortality, healing, the soul, and wisdom. The Apple is related to goddesses such as Venus, Pomona, and Freya, among others. It is sometimes used as a direct symbol of Venus, the Roman goddess of love and fertility, because the fruit also functions as a symbol for heart. Pomona is a Roman goddess and wood nymph who tends to the cultivation of fruit trees and orchards in early spring. Fruiting apples trees and a pruning knife are two of the symbols associated with her. Freya is the goddess of love, sexuality, beauty, war, and death in Norse mythology. It is said that she would shake apple trees to invoke a good harvest and in return the towns folk would leave apples in the trees as offerings to the generous goddess. When an apple is cut in half the correct way a star can be seen made up from it’s seeds. Sliced in this particular way, the fruit is often placed on magical altars as it embodies the aforementioned goddesses and displays the five-pointed star alluding to the union of the four elements with the soul.

Planetary Purpose

The Sun radiates with authoritative energy to influence others

Luna is a visionary who absorbs and caters to their surroundings 

Mercury connects with and connects the dots of to manage sufficiently 

Venus gushes with a heavy love that is channeled to provide guidance & spread honey 

Mars spews with an assertion that is channeled to provide protection & spread spice 

Jupiter volunteers to enrich minds with their broad perspectives 

Saturn is thrown hurdles to overcome so they can reach the peak of self brought success 

Uranus innovates ways to advance as the unknown approaches

Neptune demonstrates the unconditional and the limitless through their expressive knacks

Pluto takes you by the hand to show you the way to getting in-tuned with the otherworldly

Beyoncé songs as Venus placements; Venus in...:
  • Aries:XO
  • Taurus:Still in Love (Kissing You)
  • Gemini:Crazy In Love
  • Cancer:I Care
  • Leo:Hello
  • Virgo:03 Bonnie & Clyde
  • Libra:Die With You
  • Scorpio:Jealous
  • Sagittarius:Love On Top
  • Capricorn:Flaws and All
  • Aquarius:Smash Into You
  • Pisces:Halo
New Moon in Aries ~ April 18

This New Moon seemed to come out of nowhere, at least for me. New Moon in Aries, April 18th, at 2:57pm EST. The rumblings of a new zodiac year have anchored themselves as we leave winter and trust the weather to bring us sunny skies, and maybe some April showers, from here on out. As we leave Pisces behind, we are awoken from a slumber and forced to deal with a lot of new energy - there is an intensity here, as if the seeds of something have just burst through the dirt. Something is growing, whether we are controlling it or not. But this is the time to take action, to facilitate this process of renewal and resurrection. As it is a New Moon, we are to return inward, shed the old, make plans for the new. Center yourself in your dynamic passion - this is the bracing back before you charge forward as the ram does. It’s time to show the universe your commitment to yourself and your goals, by taking the first steps toward achieving them. This is about self-assertion, taking what is rightfully yours (the glory of your soul). It is a fun time, a playful time, a time of promise, mixed in with a surge of warrior-energy. You may be feeling aggression coming to the surface, and it might be uncomfortable if your chart is filled with more yin (feminine) energy. Allow your anger to be transmuted into creative energy - burst forth into the world. Life is but a game and there’s no reason to hold yourself back. Define your boundaries, respect yourself, honor your dreams, and live in authenticity. Inside of each individual is a playful child, an unabashed self with no reason to hide from the world. Let this dynamic energy out, and fearlessly live inside your integrity. Unleashing this pent-up energy will fuel you as you try new things, inspired by Uranus in Aries, who asks us to throw away the old and align with the divine truth of the cosmos.

Elsewhere in the sky we have both Mercury and Mars in Taurus - Mercury from April 13 to April 30, Mars from March 31 to May 11. Taurus is the perfect compliment to this Aries energy, grounding us in practicality. Rather than letting our minds and actions rush off ahead of us, Taurus combines the dynamic energy with real-world solutions and plans. Taurus also asks us to enjoy ourselves, to take part in the pleasure that is always at our finger-tips, whether it’s through a good meal or a sunny day at the park. This is also a time for conjuring up your self-worth, assessing your talents, managing your resources, so as to make the new projects you’re beginning this year sturdier and more fulfilling. There is abundance in life, just watch the flowers blooming this spring and you’ll know. Make sure to really ground yourself in the physical as we feel all these new intense energies coursing through us - this is a huge time of shifting and it could be dangerous if you lose contact with your body. Remember to take deep, long breaths every so often, stretch, meditate, dance - whatever helps you turn off that over-active mind. Pull the energy from your mind downwards, to your feet.

We have Venus in Gemini from April 11 to May 7 - important to note as we move into Taurus season in a couple of days. Love and romance may not be so grounded as we interact with others on a mind-level. Conversation may spark new romance in your life, as you are filled with playful, curious and inquisitive energy. But bonds created during this time may not reach the level of emotional commitment - this may be a testing out period in your love life, where variety reigns. Different people can bring out different sides of yourself, and you may enjoy letting yourself flit around between lovers, friends, and acquaintances. Intellectual connections will be of the utmost importance at this time. There is a lightness to our love, as we float through the new spring energy, we may not want to tie ourselves down just yet.

Now to talk about something I have not addressed yet - Saturn went retrograde in Sagittarius on March 14, a month ago. On June 16 it’ll move back into Scorpio, go direct on August 2, and move back into Sagittarius on September 18. So if you thought you were done with the Saturn in Scorpio era, I’m sorry to inform you, but we still have work to do. But don’t you feel more equipped this time around? We tasted Saturn in Sagittarius as we created meaning out of our dark-period, and now we know the purpose Scorpio plays in our life. So prepare yourself - we’ll be revisiting all that shadow material, perhaps cycling through things we’ve already touched on, or possibly we’ll come across blocks we have not yet dealt with. Until then, we’ll feel the energy of Saturn Retrograde. Retrograde planets internalize the energy and bring it inward. Perhaps as we are grow this spring, we are reconfiguring our internal structure, our boundaries, our sense of what role we play on Earth. We will be internalizing the need for structure, for hard work, for concrete plans. We will lead from our stomach rather than feel directed by some external pressure. Saturn is inside us now, quietly building a new plan for the rest of the year.

This isn’t the only new retrograde - Pluto went retrograde on April 16 and will remain that way until September 24. Perhaps Saturn whispered to Pluto that it’s preparing another Scorpio cycle, and Pluto decided it would join the party. With Pluto Retrograde, we feel a certain emotional intensity. As we raise our vibration with the help of Uranus, we will continuously uncover uncomfortable shadow material - that’s just the way it works. Pluto is inside us now, digging around and throwing things in our faces, things we’ve been trying to avoid for awhile now. This is a deep-cleaning session, a cleansing and purification of the emotional body. Issues of power, rage, and envy will arise - just as the aggression is coming to the surface with the Aries New Moon. I think the Pluto retrograde is warning us to not charge forward too fast - we still have much internal work to do. We don’t want to trip on our own emotional baggage as we run through some unknown doorway. Trust your gut, it is trying to tie you back to yourself, to your own knowing. Pluto is trying to push you into your own seat of power - it is in the sign of Capricorn still, and as we watch our own structures and limitations burn before our eyes, we can find some satisfaction in knowing that there is no birth without death. Allow your old ways to die - the universe will fill you with something much better. There is much in store for you, as long as you are willing to face the shadow.

the best time to kiss each sign

aries: when they least expect it. follow your first impulse and catch aries off guard. be daring and bold. they need someone wildly affectionate so let your feelings drive you. after a heated argument may be the prime time. 
taurus: when you’re expressing appreciation. in a moment when you realize how much they’re there for you and how much they’ve done for you, a kiss is the perfect thank you for a taurus.
gemini: when they can’t help but smile around you. if you make geminis genuinely happy and show that you can deal with them, they will not mind a kiss and will probably even hint at it with their adorable, nervous giggle.
cancer: when you convince them that they’re safe with you. cancers need to feel secure and protected before progressing to a physical level. if you get them to open up to you, a kiss may be just the right thing to let them know you care.
leo: when you’re confident enough to show them you’ll do anything to make them yours. leos look for someone who will commit to their attraction and willingly act on it. kiss them and don’t hold back.
virgo: when they’ve seen your best side. while they are very aware of their own flaws, virgos notice others’s flaws very easily and need to see that your strengths overpower your weaknesses. a kiss is the perfect way to express to them that you’re worth it.
libra: when they tell you how much you mean to them. if a libra expresses that they have feelings for you, but they don’t know what to do about them, then a kiss is probably the answer they’re looking for.
scorpio: when they look at you like you’re all that matters to them. if scorpios are comfortable enough to give you their trust, that’s when you can give them a kiss. and prepare for the passion.
sagittarius: when they seem nervous or cautious around you. sagittarius wants to make sure you know that they care, so a kiss will give them that opportunity.
capricorn: when they start sending mixed signals. before a capricorn takes action, they want to feel secure in the fact that you feel the same way. they often switch from clingy to distant.
aquarius: when you’re ready to take a chance. while you may have unquestionable feelings for aquarius, they may second guess their own, so a kiss could be just the convincing they need.
pisces: when they’re ready for more than just your secrets. pisces has a genuine interest in listening and learning from other people and being there for them. kiss them after you’ve opened up to them and they let you know that they desire even more of you. 

– in relation to sun and venus / zodiac-galaxy


What’s it like on Venus?

Venus is an enigma. It’s our “sister planet,” very similar to Earth in both size and mass. The planet is basically tied with Mars as the closest planet to our own, but since it’s larger and closer to the Sun than the Red Planet, Venus is very often the brightest object in our sky. It’s a dominant force in our mythology, and even in history — so why do we know so little about it? We’re sending probes to Pluto for heaven’s sake, and that’s not even a real planet anymore!

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If you liked the Galaxy Eggs that have been making the rounds for the last couple days, you’ll love these Astronomy Eggs by William Krohn! He & his family painted eggs for the Sun, all the planets, the Moon, Pluto, the Big Dipper, a nebula, a spiral galaxy, and even a black hole. Clever!!!

H/T Plutosgems


Aquarius. air + fixed. 

Aquarius Sun x Aquarius Moon x Aquarius Mercury x Aquarius Venus 

Those born between January 20th and February 18th are born with their sun in Aquarius. As an air sign, Aquarians often exist in their head - and use this toward achieving a greater purpose in humanity. Their purpose in life is to be the humanitarian of the zodiac and will find themselves (eventually) working towards helping the public in some way. Often called the “rebel” of the zodiac, Aquarians might be attracted to revolutionary ideas, eccentricities, and anything innovative. Often represented as the water bearer, Aquarius’s water represents knowledge, and providing to the public. Aquarius sun people are often extremely independent, not necessarily in a lonely sense, but in more of an “original” sense. They are often seen as being “cool” or “aloof”, but beneath their quirky, chill exterior lies a humanitarian heart of gold.

What the Planets in your Chart Mean
  • Sun:Your sun sign is your ego and your core being. The Sun represents yourself, your being, your personality, and just what it is exactly that makes you a unique individual. The Sun represents how you face the world in your every day life. When someone asks you "What's your sign?" You are typically telling them your sun sign. The sun rules Leo.
  • Moon:The moon represents our deepest personal needs, our quirks, and our unconscious. Your moon sign is your inner self, your emotions, and it explains the person you are deep inside. It is also sometimes where a place where hatred, jealousy, and fear is found. The moon rules Cancer.
  • Mercury:Mercury is the planet of communication. Mercury represents the thought process, and it governs communication, exchanges, intellect, awareness, learning abilities, intellectual capacity, and thought process. Mercury is also a representative for traders, teachers, attorneys and messengers. Mercury rules Gemini and Virgo.
  • Venus:Planet of Love & Money. Venus represents artists, traders, and all occupations related to seduction and beauty. Venus describes your love life, leisure, affections, and how you behave in romantic relationships. Venus also represents greed, materialism, hypocrisy, and laziness. Venus rules Taurus and Libra.
  • Mars:The Planet of Passion. Mars happens to be the "action" planet of the zodiac. Energy, passion, ambition, competition, drive, and determination are all in Mars' realm. Mars describes how you command and take action. It symbolizes how you come to terms with situations, and overcome obstacles. Mars rules Aries and Scorpio.
  • Jupiter:The Planet of Luck. Luck and good fortune are associated with Jupiter. Along with wealth, glory, success, and honor. This planet represents people in power, professors, teachers, and political figures. Jupiter represents your self-confidence, leisure, accomplishments, and growth. Jupiter rules Sagittarius.
  • Saturn:Planet of Karma. Saturn represents work ethic, responsibility, multi-tasking, time, age, and tradition. Saturn is your ambition, your observations, and your work ethic. Saturn symbolizes old age, when a person typically loses interest in unnecessary material items, and gains more interest in retirement and solitude. Saturn is associated with the wise, the elderly, and all people who can help us overcome an obstacle such as counselors, teachers, nurses, and medical practitioners. Saturn rules Capricorn.
  • Uranus:Planet of Rebellion. Uranus represents disruptions, unforeseen events, changes, new situations, revolutions, and independence. Uranus represents your creativity, your mind, your uniqueness, your ideas, and your ability to adapt to change. Uranus rules Aquarius.
  • Neptune:Planet Of Illusion. Neptune represents art, all forms of glamour, creativity, addiction, illusion, dreams, and sensitivity. Neptune represents your dreams, sensitivity, artistic ability, and ability to read others. Neptune rules Pisces.
  • Pluto:Planet of Power. This is the ultimate story of good and evil. Pluto represents all that is hidden, secrets, destruction, intensity, death, obsession, kidnapping, viruses and waste. Pluto represents your sexual energy, deepest instincts, obsessions, secrets, deep self-questionings, and anxieties. Pluto rules Scorpio.

If you’re ready to up your astronomy nail art game, you need to check out The Planets series from Nichole at prettygirlscience

I think she mixed up Uranus with Neptune (because this image is labeled wrong), but all is forgiven with such exquisite details like the marbling for Jupiter, iridescence for Venus, and texture & glitter for Mercury! Nichole includes nicely scientific descriptions of each planets and links to further resources - a blogger after our own hearts!


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Modern geometric illustrations of Planets of the Solar System.

These infographic illustrations feature a history of scientific exploration. Probes, satellites, space stations, etc., highlighting the achievements of man in astronomic discovery. Each illustration also features the distance from the Sun, rotational period in days/years and the number of confirmed, natural satellites.