#lipstickadaymay - part 3 of this ongoing madness of trying on BRIGHT pink lipstick. Makeup For Ever Aqua Lip liner in “16c”, with NYX “Hot Pink” lipstick on top. And hair that is going through goth upkeep tomorrow.

I’m going to try this lip liner under one of my dark red lipsticks and (maybe Revlon Black Cherry?) and see how that looks. But I kinda like the OMG BRIGHT PINK lipstick thing. I need to try it with a darker smoky eye shadow and copious amounts of black liquid liner, too.


Triangle Treefrog - Dendropsophus triangulum 

This amazing frog with something like paws marks on its dorsum is scientifically named Dendropsophus triangulum (Hylidae), an uncommon species found in the Amazon Basin in Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, northwestern Bolivia, and Brazil.

It is small frog less than 40 mm with several color patterns or morphs, so many that It was described as a new species four times subsequent to its first description in 1869, because different colour morphs were thought to be new species.

In general, Dendropsophus triangulum bears two large pectoral patches that are in contact or nearly so (weak, distinctly apart), a light dorsum with or without a varying number of dark blotches or spots and red venter (lemon-yellow). However, this morph is quite different than the more standard form, more akin to the “giraffe phase” of the sister species Dendropsophus leucophyllatus.

References: [1] - [2]

Photo credit: ©Kenneth P. Wray | Locality: Madre Selva Biological Station, Loreto, Peru (2015) | [Top] - [Bottom]


Christiaan Venter - Rocky Mountain Lullaby

I rarely wonder about music’s role in my life.  I don’t think about how it’s influenced me or influenced my decisions in life.  I don’t think about the impact it has made to who I am as a person.  But I did a little bit of that today.

If band was never a forced option to me in grade seven, I would’ve never started playing the clarinet (or the saxophone, for that matter).  I would have never auditioned to join a city-wide band.  I would have never met my best friends, one who sat beside me by circumstance and the other, we met by a ridiculous interaction on a bus ride to Vancouver.  I would have never picked up the piano, the guitar, or the cello.  I would have never met some of the most wonderful people.  I would have never played in my current concert band for five years.  I would have never fallen so in love with music.  I would have never had the chance to write for this blog and meet so many of the fellow bloggers.

One simple incident set off so many more in my life.  I love creating music just as much as I love writing about it.  The video here is not of my band, but the piece is one that we played tonight.  It’s reminiscent of our Rocky Mountains and the feeling that it instils in many Canadians.  It’s quiet, serene, and filled with nature.  The instruments trade off constantly and each person has a chance to shine.  I enjoyed playing this piece the most because it’s so damn beautiful (and I sat in front of the raven-squawking baritone saxophone).  

Anyways, I hope that you have all been touched by music in some magical way.  Have a wonderful rest of your Saturday!


pronunciation | ‘ven-ters
notes | Scots is a language distinct from Scottish English and Scottish Gaelic. Venters as used here has no relation to venter, deriving from ventral, meaning the underside of an animal’s body.

In case you forgot.

Also: “When eating on the road or visiting a landmark – this week’s choice was Seattle’s Space Needle – Venters and Kimbrel can often be found together. And of course when it comes time for them to prepare for their late-inning roles, they can often be found interacting and filling the bullpen with their youthful energy.” - Bowman

This is how I picture them going to the Space Needle together (you’re welcome). 

If you're in a relationship, you better make it known.

Two situations, very similar to each other in the past two days where in one the girl, and the other the guy were not making their relationship known.

Here’s my vent story on this: if you’re not going to be proud to be in a relationship, then you should question yourself why you’re hiding it. I mean, there could be no direct correlation to you hiding your relationship and there being problems, but nevertheless, it can create an unruly environment for you and the person you are with.

Problems that can arise are trust issues, lack of communication, misunderstandings, and others that will eventually lead to arguments. No one wants to argue in a relationship, although figuratively speaking, it is healthy for couples to argue, but not every day.

It’s not really about “pride” in being in the relationship, and I understand some couples like to keep their relationship on the “low” so their business isn’t really out in the open. That’s respectable, that’s acceptable. But if you’re completely hiding that you’re in a relationship, you don’t really show affection to who you’re with, it can be taken that you are not happy to be with them.

This is something that I have personally experienced (or done, really…) I did not take pride in the relationship I was in, and I never mentioned anything about it, I never talked about it, blogged about it, brought it up in conversation, put it up on facebook, nothing. I did everything I could to keep it unknown. You could only imagine how many fights that had brought up.

Treat your boyfriend/girlfriend right. If you love them, they deserve to know that you do, and sometimes personal ways aren’t enough. You know that saying, “To the world, you may be one person, but to one person you may be the world” well… If they’re your world, I’m sure they want the world to know that, and they’ll do the same for you.

Just sayin’.