pronunciation | 'ven-ters
notes | Scots is a language distinct from Scottish English and Scottish Gaelic. Venters as used here has no relation to venter, deriving from ventral, meaning the underside of an animal’s body.


It’s summer. The heat is unbearable. We’re nowhere near fall. Now is a good time to bake bat shaped cookies!

Some little recipes:

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Life sized sculptures by Kathy Venter

Kathy Venter builds her life size ceramic sculptures by hand using the extended pinch method - similar to large vessel building.
No molds are used as the hollow, completed wet clay sculptures are 13% larger than life size to shrink to the desired scale after firing.

An exhibition of 36 of her sculptures will be shown at the Gardiner Museum, Toronto from 30th May 2013 to 15th September 2013.

So much needs to be said about what Jillian Venters (tumblr: gothiccharmschool | site) to the world that it is impossible to cover it all efficiently in a single sentence.

The only plausible way to convey the melodious and wicked message is to simply put it in her own words: Gothic Charm School.

Wicked gothmother to so many, she builds a daily example of what we all hope to be. A living, soon to be vampiric witch queen, ruling over a kingdom of bats and cats.

Happy birthday, beloved Jillian Venters. Long may your terrifying reign last.


The Planeswalker Urza created Karn as a war weapon. But he’s had many other purposes to serve. Able to control all five colors of mana, this silver golem is a time-travelling Planeswalker, powerful artifact, world builder, and unstoppable ally.

Karn was the first artifact of the Legacy, a collection of objects whose arcane might could be used against Phyrexia, an artificial, all-mechanical plane. Decades later, when Phyrexia invaded the plane of Dominaria, Karn fulfilled his destiny, joining with the other artifacts of the Legacy to destroy Phyrexia’s Father of Machines. At that moment, Karn became a Planeswalker, inheriting the spark from his creator.

Karn then created a plane of his own: a metal world called Argentum. While Karn was off exploring the universe, a contagion took hold, reshaping the plane and corrupting the mind of the Warden that Karn created to watch over it.

During Dominaria’s temporal crisis, Karn allied with Jhoira and the Planeswalkers Teferi and Venser to prevent time itself from collapsing. In the process, he became susceptible to the contagion on his created planet. His mind addled and broken by the corruption, Karn escaped to Mirrodin, where we was hailed as the next Father of Machines by the new Phyrexians.

The Planeswalker Koth sought allies to help save Mirrodin, his native world. He recruited Elspeth Tirel as well as Karn’s friend Venser. When the trio arrived, they found the plane poisoned beyond saving. To help prevent the corruption from spread to other worlds, Venser sacrificed himself, giving Karn his immunity to the contagion.

Grief-stricken by the fate of Argentum and the death of his friend, Karn travels the universe, retracing his steps to find the contagion’s source and finally defeat it.

Some amazing artwork featuring Karn.