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Lauren Remington Platt is a blue-blooded former hedge fund manager turned beauty entrepreneur. Her company, Vênsette, is changing the way women approach beauty treatments. Expert artists visit clients in their homes to create personalized hair and makeup treatments for special occasions. RL Magazine’s Women’s fashion Editor Cary Randolph Fuller interviews Platt, and also gets the full Vênsette treatment in this months issue. 

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MW Event Folio: Summer Social!


Tuesday evening, Material Wrld and Vênsette hosted our clients and friends for a summer party featuring makeovers, shopping, and a special guest presentation by personal branding expert, Jacqueline Peros.

Though you might have missed the big event, we wanted to bring a little of Jacqueline’s expertise to you today…so we sat down for a little advice, Material Wrld style. 


MW: How would you describe yourself and your expertise?

JP: I think my Twitter bio sums it up.Personal branding strategist | Prepares tech businesses for success | Upholder of civility & manners | Supporter of inspiring non-profits | Novice baker

MW:What’s the key thing that people don’t leverage when thinking about their personal brand? 

JP: Their personality.  Many people try to conform to certain standards they think are more acceptable. However, if you are authentic in everything you do people will gravitate towards you and those that don’t, well that’s OK. You can’t be all things to all people. Creating a strong personal brand is being true to who you are and expressing your authentic self at all times. 


MW: What social networking site do you find the most powerful and why?

JP: I find Twitter to be the most powerful (with LinkedIn and Google+ tied for 2nd place). I have made some great business connections on Twitter.  Moreover, their list function enables me to categorize my connections and then when I have downtime I read and share their insights. It’s a great way to build rapport with your followers and gain credibility for your area of expertise.  

MW: Give us three tips for making a perfect first impression:

JP: Aside from the obvious of dressing fabulously, these tips will ensure a positive first impression.  

1. Smile!  It’s amazing to me how many people don’t smile when you first meet them. A smile is a great way to put everyone at ease and build better rapport. 

2. Have a firm handshake. This is especially important for women because most think its better to give the “dainty” handshake so they don’t come off as too overpowering.  Giving a firm handshake demonstrates your self-confidence.  90% of the time when I meet a male business professional he will positively comment on my handshake. I think when they see a petite woman such as myself they feel I’ll automatically give the “dainty” shake. :)   

3. Be present. We are so easily distracted by our phones and thoughts that we forget to stop and be in the moment. If you are meeting someone for the first time be present and engaged. 


MW: You have coined the phrase, “Digital Dress Code”. Can you explain that to our readers?

JP: Digital dress code is your online presence and reputation. It’s how you express yourself online which directly impacts your personal brand and how others perceive you. 

Your digital dress code encompasses everything from how you communicate via email, your LinkedIn profile, photos you share, blogs you write, comments you make, tweets and Facebook posts, and brands you endorse.  We work hard to control our brand in the offline world by the way we dress, where we shop, the way we interact with others, invitations we accept, etc. and this needs to translate consistently and authentically to your digital brand. 


MW: How do you unwind and relax after a long day working with clients?  

JP: I absolutely love reading mystery novels!  I’m also getting back into cooking and baking. When I was a child I used to decorate cakes but life gets in the way and you find yourself getting away from the things you enjoy. This year I’ve made a conscious effort to tap into my creative side through cooking old family recipes and baking.  I’m really enjoying it!

Visit Material Wrld, Vensette, and Jacqueline’s site to perfect your real-life and digital personal brand and style. 

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