А что с ним не так?) Я еще не устанавливала))

Ну он теперь не файрфокс, а что-то среднее м/у Гугл хромом и Оперой, просто обидно как-то за товарищей разработчиков.. никакой фантазии))



venomousflower answered your question: How did you celebrate the graduation from college/university?

Ой, у нас вообще ничего централизованно никто не отмечал - кто хотел, те собрались чисто со своими друзьями, даже не по группам, а так просто

ну вот я тоже не хочу отмечать всей группой, хотя как бы надо… предложу просто пойти в бар и выпить по бокалу вина. и то, если я пойду в тот же день делать татуировку, мне нельзя будет пить до этого хд

marlazinger said:

Как тебе новые Misfits в целом и Руди в частности?)

нравятся! последний эпизод был прооосто отличнейший!:) мне нравятся новые силы, особенно fookin’ rocket scientist, и вообще нравится, что Келли уделяют больше внимания.  

насчёт Руди я была достаточно скептично настроена, но он очень удачно вписался, на мой вгляд) очень забавный, и со своей половинкой вместе они прекрасны:D


Ice Fishing, February 23rd-25th

I went Ice fishing for the first time last weekend, I have to say it was fucking awesome! The weather couldn’t have been any more perfect, the company was completely ideal, and the fish were fans of the pink hooks lol. 

I had bought my pink tackle purse for the occasion and loaded it up with pink fish hooks. Everything looked spectacular. I was surprised with pink pliers and pink gloves, I have very thoughtful people in my life.

Saturday we were out on the lake, I was told if I sung to the fish they would feel the vibration through the line and bite my hook. I laughed and refused to do so, which I was thankful for since more people showed up lol. I volunteered to get drinks from the cabin with one of the other girls, and left buddy in charge of my already baited hook that was deep in the water… on the way up to the cabin I turned around and told my friend that buddy was totally going to catch something and that I was going to be uber pissed. Sure enough when we got back down to the lake the boys were pulling the hook out of the little fish…. bullshit.

I was quite grateful when I caught a fish minutes later using the same hook, which is showing in the picture. I was very proud of myself since I had baited the hook myself, caught the fish, then even got the fish hook out all on my own. It was a pretty awesome! I had gotten skunked all summer, then managed to catch a fish my first time ever out ice fishing.

The entire day they were only nipping at pink hooks, so the boys were pretty quick to jump on the pink band wagon and start borrowing my hooks.

Curt caught a fish the following day that was pretty huge. He was using a red devil, it was a bit colder on Sunday, so after catching his massive fish (which we released, we released everything we caught that weekend). After catching his glorious fish and re-baiting his hook, he dropped it back in his hole… unfortunately the line must have gotten too cold because it snapped and his precious hook ended up in the bottom of the lake haha. 

All in all it was a fantastical weekend. I got some much needed relaxation in. Can’t wait to go back again! <3


The Lake. May 25-26, 2013

Birthday weekend! Friday we were originally going to head out to the lake, but unfortunately it was storming pretty and the highway was going to be a total mess. So the new plan was to sleep.

Saturday morning we were showered and ready to go by 7am, ran all our errands, and were heading to the lake around 8:30am. We arrived at the lake around 10am, had everything unpacked and ready to roll right away… then helped Curtis clean out all the sand he had managed to get in this tackle box the summer prior. He had bought a really nice tackle bag, so he organized all his hooks while I playing Sly Cooper on PsVita.

Eventually we got on the lake to do some fishing. We weren’t out very long at all, the rain started to catch up with us. I did manage to get the biggest catch ever though, I went to cast and managed to get my hook caught on Curt’s hat. Thank god he wears his hat all the time lol. He put on safety glasses after the incident too just to be extra safe. Aside from me catching Curt, he managed to catch a child’s sized fishing rod from the bottom of the lake after trying to regain the hook he accidentally tossed in. It was highly amusing. We both had gotten skunked for the day, although I had one linger around my hook at the end of the dock, but since it was a new hook and I didn’t realize how bad it floated the fish lost interest in him as soon as it started floating to the top. Sadly it only counts if I touch the fishy.

I was up at 3am on my birthday, Sunday May 26th. Totally ridiculous, but it was what it was. The upside to that is I could be out on the lake at the crack of dawn. I got up, had some Captain Crunch, and played some video games until I saw the sky lighten between the branches of trees. I ran out to the lake in excitement, and was greeted by an eerie fog drifting out along the lake. I felt like I was in the seen of a b-rated horror flick haha. First off, I have to admit it was freezing as balls out on the lake that early. I mix of rain and laking sunlight caused my hands to freeze to the point where I could hardly move them. Secondly, Curtis was the only one getting any bites. He was even bold enough to pull a “would you like a green hook?” on me. Like I’d use anything that wasn’t pink. Pfft. 

Eventually the score was set at 5 fish for Curtis, and 0 for me. I was starting to get the impression that I was going to get skunked.Too determined for my own good I kept casting from the dock. Eventually I started getting some bites! Before I knew it I was hooking fish faster than I knew what to do with. Eventually I caught a jack that was 71cm (named Frank), and felt I had earned a break for lunch. Curt was kind enough to kill the jack and take it up to the cabin while I collected all our stuff. 

We had started started up a campfire so we could roast some turkey dogs, when all of the sudden all of the sudden Frank stuck his head out of the bucket he was supposed to be dead in, hooked himself on the rim of the bucket with his fins, and just stared me down. I jumped up, completely terrified. He then proceeded to squirm out of the bucket. ZOMBIE FISH AROSE! I screamed and prepared to run for my life. Curt had never seen me act so girly in all the time he had known me lol. Needless to say I had no interest in cleaning Frank the zombie fish, so Curt ended up having to do the dirty work.

When all was said and done, the final score was 8 fish for me, 7 for Curt plus the booster cables and child’s fishing rod. It will definitely be a birthday I will never forget haha.