Why Venomania's Sin was the Worst

Everyone seems to be overlooking the fact that Glassred’s Portrait told us one major thing: she remembered what Venomania did to her. As she fled her home and country, she knew it was because of the childhood friend she trusted.
So, what does this mean?
The other girls remember too. The homosexual woman who collapsed under his pressure will remember a man abusing her forever. The grieving widow will feel worse for betraying her recently dead husband and worse yet that another man who may have loved her is gone. The 15 year old girl will know that she was deflowered by a monster.

Riliane and Margarita may have killed many people, but those people didn’t live on and continue to suffer every day. They did harm, but much less than they could have. Each of the other sins reflected a temporary time period that had an effect then disappeared. Venomania left many lives ruined, many descendants who then knew that their bloodline was tainted because of a man that simply couldn’t restrain himself.

Conchita was put through hell as a child. The only person who showed a sign of caring for her immediately withdrew it when he saw a habit that she had gained after years of emotional abuse. Still, she managed to restrain her Sin and keep it in check. She didn’t hurt anyone for a long time, although she went through the same things that Venomania did.

He has no excuse.

Looking at that post where someone said “I want a seven deadly sins character based on lust who’s a friendzone dudebro” that got highjacked via Venomania and it looks like there’s another version going around with Tuls from Ava’s Demon

and now I’m like hell no step the fuck down, this is Evillious’s time to shine, Tuls isn’t a friendzone dudebro yet but Venomania sure as hell IS.

Regin of Sinners

I made the father of my child satisfy my selfish desires.

I made three innocent women satisfy my selfish desires

I made a bunch of virtous women satisfy my selfish desires

I made my home town and family satisfy my selfish desire

I made criminals satisfy my selfish desires

Bitches, please