• Karchess:What happen to this girl?
  • Elluka:She fainted for a mega nosebleed.
  • Karchess:That's the five one today! What's making them get mega nosebleeds?
  • Elluka:It because of Venomania.
  • Elluka:*thinks of Venomania* *gets a nosebleed*
  • Karchess:Damn you Venomania
  • mothy:Look at my sinners
  • mothy:Here's Eve, a witch whos babies were stillborn because her boyfriend drugged her also he died.
  • mothy:Here's Sateriasis, a womanizer with a broken heart and a traumatic childhood
  • mothy:Here's Banica, a duke with OCD and an abusive chidlhood
  • mothy:Riliane, a Princess forced into adulthood at the age of thirteen with no one who loves her
  • mothy:Here's Kayo, a dellusional woman who lost her infant and husband to a fire
  • mothy:Here's Nemesis, a girl who was raised by an emotionally manipulative woman and was forced to murder her boyfriend.
  • mothy:Also there this asshole Gallerian

Hey, Evillious fandom. Miss me?

Hahaha ok so the original file size was WAAAYY bigger. Too big for tumblr. So sorry if the quality is a little blech. Anyway, have some Evillious “Last Supper” trash! I know, technically drawing the awakened vessels would have been more fitting but SHHHH.

Anyway here you go


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I totally ship these.
All of them.
Though technically they are all totally OOC… (well ok, Kachess somewhat counts, I mean at least he’s from the same time line… OTL)

It’s just funny that it’s always Sateriajis… But I guess he can’t be blamed.

Also, kudos to everyone who acknowledges the three “Kaitos” as individual characters.

Oh, and remember that “80% of the fanart is yaoi” thing I posted a few days ago? Yeah. Told you it was just an observation and that I don’t really mind :P