fading red

i see you within the moon waiting till the skies blue
lying, touching, awake, fighting all day
how is venice? are you romancing?
abusing those powers, expiring and flaming those around?

always up and then down, might even be in poland
i hope one day you find him, i hope one day life isn’t so grim
that somehow and someway you figure your day

you’re there, i can feel us reminiscing
don’t be a stranger like you said yesterday
i can feel you stretching, holding and hoping as those words you said
till day and death and all those things upon my mouth
the way you said without words and how the words still caressed

the tenth is around the corner and you know i’ll speak, be on my knees
love you, even though you no longer know me
but that’s life and the reason my knees bleed

i started a few ago and finished just suddenly
it’s after the tenth and my strength is no longer a compound of us
our mixture has eluded and you have dissolved
you’re still here, i can feel you, but all we are is sudden air

My very last entry for @Instagram’s weekend hashtag project (#wwim8) is ironically the very last photo I took tonight as I was leaving the #dogtowninstameet in #Venice, #California. So glad that I got involved with this community and look forward to meeting many more of you! #Goodnight from Venice Beach (via Kyle Huber on instagram)
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