This is Mount Roraima in the Pacaraima Mountains. It lies on the border of three Countries; Venezuela, Brazil and Guyana. It is part of Venezuela’s Canaima National Park which is also home to the beautiful Angel Falls and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Mount Roraima’s flat surface is surrounded by 400 metre high sheer cliff faces andits highest point is is Maverick Rock at 2,810 meters.

Im many photos and satellite imagery, Mount Roraima is surrounded or engulfed by clouds. This is because the area is surrounded by thick rainforest. Tropical heat causes the moisture from the rainforest to rise and condense over and around the mountain as heavy clouds. As a result, Mount Roraima is almost always in clouds and it rains nearly every day.


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Photo courtesy of: Uwe George, National Geographic Society

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Amigo es el ratón del queso.

Translation: Someone is a friend like the mouse is to a piece of cheese, meaning someone is a friend for ulterior motives.

Example: Scott called trying to be my bff, but I know he’s a friend like the mouse is to a piece of cheese and just wants to watch the game here since he doesn’t have cable.

Note: This is one of those sayings that are tough to translate. The direct translation, which might guess if you know a bit of Spanish/ARE Venezuelan, is “a friend is the mouse of the cheese.” In English, that makes little sense and misses the analogous relationship, so we altered it a bit for that.

Note #2: Milestone approacheth…and thanks to all who’ve visited my art blog! :)

Krampus & The Naughties 

(by Ro ZambranoSamuel J. Dávila

The Krampus Beast have been working a lot this holidays, until now he still snatching naughty girls.

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