Here we go, intro post for 221B Con! :D I travel tomorrow and can’t wait to meet many of you!

Name: Jill! I’m also fine with ven or venvephe. Any pronunciation of venvephe is correct. I have been informed that apparently this username is difficult to say and that the way I personally say it is wrong. ;)

Where to find me: I’m going to be at the tea party on Friday as well as the AU & Crossover panel, and probably the Fan Art panel, but other than that I’m just going to see where the con takes me! If you’d like to add me on whatsapp or gchat to get in touch and find me, just ask!

Hugs: Yes please! But just…not tackling hugs from behind. Be within my range of vision, but other than that totally go for it!

Drinks: Yes. Very yes. I’ll have my sketchbook so if you want drunk art or drunk fic, ply me with alcohol. It’ll be fun!

Other stuff: I love meeting people and will have fan-cards with me if you’d like my contact info! There’s a blank spot on the back for writing messages, too. Be aware that if you ask for one I will probably write an Oklahomo quote. I wont’ be cosplaying but I’m cool with pictures as long as you can let me know where they’re being posted!

I’m flying out Monday mid-day so if anyone wants to be an airport buddy traveling with me, that would be great! Also I super want to get to the Aquarium. Super. Hit me up if you want to go!

I can’t believe tomorrow’s the day - 221B Con, here I come :D

PS: Blacklist ven221b if you don’t want to see my 221B con posts, I’ll be using that over the weekend :)

I am having seriously the most amazing time at 221b con.

As cool and fun and nice as everyone seems online, they are that much more amazing in person. What an incredible group of funny, talented, beautiful people. Keep rockin’, Sherlockians!!

If you haven’t found or seen me yet and I owe you hugs, please let me know so we can figure out how or where or when to meet up and say hi!!

221B Con

I don’t even know how to begin to talk about this weekend without blathering like the sentimental softie that I am so it’s all going under a cut ok

But just to say, outside of the cut - I had an amazing amazing weekend meeting and talking with so many of my favorite fandom people, I really can’t think of another time I have had so much fun!!! kajfksdhajfs <33333

If any of you want my skype etc, please just ask!! Because after this weekend I can’t imagine a world without all your perfect faces in it and I want to talk to you all the time and forever. PLEASE.

Ok the rest really is going under the cut, friend feels alert

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