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(done manually since tumblr decided to break the way I used to do it thanks tumblr love you)

(this list was just too fucking good, though. I love every single person in my crushes right now, and not like because they’re there; it’s just because I love each of these people and they're amazing people ;;)

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Yet another human roaming Nosgoth? Were the roaming vampires becoming weaker and more docile and passive, or were the humans merely that foolish?

“What are you doing here, human? This is hardly a place for someone of your…. stature.”






     said: [ Ooh, ooh, she should play the violin, or the cello. //Ithinkthoseareclassifiedasclassical—

errrr yeah but uh

is it bad that i don’t like violins as much as most do? they’re pretty cool sometimes but i’m more of a brass person. but i do admit cellos are simply beautiful

my baby is a French horn

-is shunned for disliking violins-

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Odd, seeing so many gather about. In all honesty, Medusa probably did look like a small child alone, and probably didn’t feel any different considering she had Soul Protect active. The now petite witch remained silent and studied among the groups carefully. Some had appeared to be staring right at her, and others were conversing with each other. She blinked, her narrow gaze loosening a bit to something that appeared slightly softer than what she would usually show. Hopefully, none of these people had known her, even if she did recognize a few herself. 

“Ah..? Hello~. Do you need something from lil’ me?” She tilted her head to the side slowly, a soft and innocent tone following her lips. Her hood hung over her forehead, only covering half of her eyes within the shade from it.