John to leave the Velocast .....


I’m sorry I can’t think of anything more witty to say but these are my first thoughts. I am truly gutted. In a world of American voices the Velocast came out of the wilderness from the country that brought  you the modern bicycle and it seems fit the best Podcast.

Maybe as an industry it’s our fault as the old formats of advertizing are fading away as they fail to engage the readers and the smart money should move to the listeners. Maybe they are too ahead of their time as with some good solid advertizing behind them John and Scott could have added a pay check to their already full time status. All I know that is in life we have to make choices and I understand the challenges that have faced John.

What will Scott do. Well although I think that the interllectual banter, with a good mix of pub humour was a great mix between two people who clearly know each other well will be difficult to replecate, unless all of Scott’s mates are like John! I hope he continues, but he will lose no respect of mine if he doesn’t. Many people spend their whole life trying to do what he (and John) have acheived over the last 18 months, CHAPEAU (that’s for Cycling Weekly, as they can’t spell it)

Tonight feels like the ens of Seinfeld, or when the Tour finishes and you wonder what the hell you wil do tomorrow. I wish them both the best, and as the road rises up to greet them I hope it is a long and winding road filled with good memories and tales to be told.

I’d like to say thanks, they made me laugh, question the way I think and have kept me company on trips around the country and world, cheers Guys I owe you a beer.

Podcast 2013, episode 33
  • Podcast 2013, episode 33
  • Dan and Sarah
  • The Unofficial Unsanctioned Women's UCI Pro-Cycling show

In this week’s Road Worlds women’s cycling podcast, Dan and I got a bit overexcited, and let out innuendoes get well out of hand!  Dan describes it:

Podcast 2013, Episode 33 - The Shutdown

This week we uncover the real reason for the US government shutdown and then we get stuck into recapping all the amazing racing that happened at worlds. The Junior Women’s race and the Elite Women’s race. It was epic and there’s lot to enjoy and discuss. From Monique Hanley live-tweeting the junior race through to the amazing range of domestiques and top stars who made the Elite race SO FUCKING EXCITING(!!!), we’re definitely still basking in the afterglow of good race. We also take some time to consider some of Brian Cookson’s recent comments regarding women’s cycling and the level of internal attention and support it currently receives from the UCI (HINT: Pick a number and then go lower. Lower. Lower. Still lower. Ok, now divide that number by 2.). But then we resolve to finish on a good note so we celebrate Tracey Gaudry being appointed as a Vice-President of the UCI and being on the road commission. Enjoy! (1:26:08 MIN / 82.68 MB)

Click through to our blog for all the links from this week, a load of stuff that we didn’t talk about but did like.  Or if you want your words podcast with less searing, no innuendoes & more (sensible) talk about the men’s race, I’m also on the Velocast Eurosport podcast

Recorded on the morning before the Women’s Individual Time Trial Sarah and John discuss the World Championships in Florence and some stuff from The Dark Side.

Women’s Cycling Special: World Championships Preview | Velocast Productions

This was meant to be my usual 10 minutes in the Velocast Eurosport podcast, but John enjoyed it so much he put it up as a separate show.  No swearing in this one!