Name: Vellus Xionus

Screen Name: ambitiousAddict ((aA))

Age: 7.9 sweeps

Blood Color: Teal

Symbol: (( the pendant on her necklace ))

Theme: N/A

Quirks: I use fish puns whenever I can, & I replace  to, too, or two w/ 2.

Lusus: CerburusMom

Strife Specibi: scissorkind

Fetch Modus: Pictionary 

Hobbies: Reading fanfics, gardening, cleaning, exploring the forest that surrounds her hive, shipping

Likes: friendly trolls, forests, animals, doodling, hanging out w/ her friends, naps, flarping, 

Dislikes: those who think that everyone is lower than them, cruelty to anyfin, messy hives, stuck-up trolls, unnecessary krilling, people who make fun of her for shipping & reading fanfics

Personality (describe yourself in 20 words or less): I’m nice 2 everyone, & I’m not afraid 2 speak my mind! I can be a little crazy sometimes, though.

Current Relationships and Descriptions/Links to Descriptions: none at the moment 

WHAT ARE YOU LOOKING FOR IN A… (use all that apply)

…moirallegiance?  How are you dangerous to yourself?

Sometimes I need someone by my tide 2 tail me that it’s all right, & can cheer me up at my lowest moments. Having someone 2 talk 2 would be nice, it gets kinda lonely living out here in the forest, y’know?   : ]

…matespritship?  What are you looking for in your soul mate?

Oh, this is a bit embarrassing… I’d like someone who could put up with me. A troll who’s sweet & kind 2 otters. Someone who’d <3 me no matter how I look. : ] I’d be willing 2 change somefins a-boat myshelf if it’d make that special troll happy. 

…kismesissitude?  What really pushes your buttons?  What makes you hot under the collar?  What makes you want to punch someone and then kiss them?

Someone who’d push my buttons & go against everyfin that I believe in! I don’t like trolls who think everyone but them are scum. If this troll is going 2 be my kismesis, then they’re gonna have 2 be my equal.

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