Honestly, I would go vegan if I could survive off it. The problem is that they make it so exclusive by how expensive it is. I hardly have the money to feed myself off of anything. Plus without the meat to fill my stomach, I’d find myself needing to eat as much as triple the normal amount of food. Vegans, if you could make your movement less exclusive and cheaper, I would join. But I am too broke and have too fast of a metabolism. 

1. Organic or natural foods cost sometimes as much as double the normal foods.

2.The iron supplements (I’m anemic) and the other multiple pills to stay healthy are a fortune. 

3. With how many vegans there are, you’d think there would be more restaurants with a vegan menu.(I found it so hard to find a place to eat without spending a fortune.) 

I am moving out on my own in a few months and if anyone could develop a way for me to eat as cheaply as I do now, be as full and not starve, and survive healthily off a meatless diet I would do it. I am firmly against animal cruelty.