Haven’t got to the Netflix part of my day yet, but made a yummy green snack! (Why do I have so many green foods?)

  • Grapes
  • Kiwi
  • Starfruit
  • Cucumber
  • Celery
  • Iceburg Lettuce

I know I’ve always found it silly to post picture of snacks and stuff online, but I’ve never been one to prepare actual food (nuke it. eat it.), and so it just looks so nice and I’m really proud ^_^

What are your favorite ways to “ground”?

I am definitely one of those people that lives in her own head. I’ve always had trouble with living in the present moment and connecting with my body. This is due to abuse and also because I’m just innately a very ungrounded person… but seriously you guys should see my birth chart, it’s ridiculous! But anyways… here are some of my favorite ways to ground myself:

  • swimming in the ocean, lakes, and streams
  • scuba diving… you have to be in the present moment when scuba diving; no time to day dream.
  • snorkeling
  • going barefoot; feeling the cold wet grass stick to my feet… feeling my feet sink in the sand while the little particles go in between my toes… the hot and therapeutic sensation of stepping onto a rock when the sun is the highest…
  • sitting outside in silence observing nature intently… listening to the wind blow through the trees, making my long hair blow around while it tickles my arms as I get goosebumps…
  • being with my dog… sticking my face into his big mane and smelling his hypoallergenic fur (Samoyed’s don’t smell like “dogs”)… petting his soft fluffy fur… kissing his ears; they feel like the plant Lambs Ear.
  • body scanning
  • cooking (if I’m in the mood for grounding I’d specifically be cooking root veggies); smelling the aromas… getting my hands all dirty… washing my hands under cold water after they’re hot from cutting up and peeling veggies… not using a recipe but using my nose to figure out which spices would be good for the dish…
  • burning incense or defusing essential oils making my room smell like heaven on earth
  • taking baths (salt baths)
  • I love autumn because it’s the perfect time of year to ground oneself!!! and considering it’s right around the corner I’m so excited ^-^

Check it out: video | article on grounding