Prints for mugs 

(by Barnaby Purdy

Asked to design a concept for a range of mugs for Jamie Oliver being produced by Churchill. From half a dozen concepts they chose this one, the outside of the mug shows the fruit or veg painted in water colours, whilst directly inside there is an image of the fruit or veg cut in half. The opposite side of the mug has a capital letter relating to the image which were originally painted but Churchill went with a solid option.
There are six veg in the first series, and six fruit in the second.

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Quick, easy lunch that’s satisfying and nutritious. Sautéed garlic teriyaki vegetables (mushrooms and broccoli) with stewed kidney beans over a bunch of white rice.

I realized that stewed beans and rice is my lifesaver meal. It stays yummy all week so it’s great for meal prepping and pairs with quick sides like this slightly tender broccoli or a salad.