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Justin Timberlake - Bring it on Down to Veganville!

This is awesome! SNL used a really well known skit to send a message that was pro-vegan. I can’t believe it! What a big step in a great direction.

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❤️ him. He did his daily thing which is to finish off my @isagenix #vegan shake. #vegetarian #veganshakes #food

Blueberry Hazelnut Milkshake

Serves 1-2

In the denial of the temptation to make oatmeal bars with blueberries and hazelnuts, I aimed for something a little lighter and quicker that would keep me going until my afternoon workout. 


The flavours in this milkshake were really light and mild, and I’m pleased that the berries didn’t overpower the hazelnuts and vice versa, but feel free to add more of either ingredient for a big impact. I’d also recommend adding a little lemon juice if you’re really after something fruity with a “side” of nuts, rather than the soft, mellow flavour the two ingredients created together.


- 350ml milk of choice

- 1 large handful blueberries

- 25g hazelnuts

- 2 bananas (1 of which is frozen)

- 1tbsp nut butter

- 5 ice cubes


  1. Add the milk, berries, banana, nut butter, half of the nuts and ice into a high-speed blender or smoothie maker and blend until smooth. 

  2. Next, add the remaining hazelnuts and pulse for about 10 seconds, allowing them to break up but not fully disintegrate. Add more berries at this point, too, if you would like some that are whole. 

  3. Pour the milkshake into a glass.


Cocoa maca protein shake.

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