If there is a broke ass vegan out there, living paycheck to paycheck, I need you to save up for the recipe book "Vegan On The Cheap".

I am not one for recipe books at all but this book has literally got me comfortable by on 20 bucks a week. I already had some dry pasta and beans lying around but even if you don’t, dry foods are relatively cheap anyways. Seriously. If you are hurting for money or trying to save up for something this book is the way to go. It even has recipes that you can put in other recipes like chili’s being used for other things. I love it so much. It’s kept me from starving in tough times. Just wanted to share that with you guys.

Just made an awesome lunch!

Im probably gonna live off these when uni starts up again as they take like 5 mins to make and so portable!

Mexican Rice Bowl

  • Lettuce!
  • Rice!
  • Mixed Beans + Lentils! (mine already came in a taco sauce so bonus!)
  • Celery!
  • Peppers!
  • Red Onions! (I used white cos i ran out of red)
  • Any other salady veg you wanna add! (tomato, cucumber, etc)
  • Avocado!
  • Lime juice!
  • Shit loads of coriander!
  • Salsa!
  • Paprika and extra chill if you want it hot hot hot!
  • Soy cheese! (optional but delicious)

Mix that baby up and nom it down before you have a chance to post a picture