I like Pizza. (by Xavier Velez)

Just in case you guys forgot about my celebrity status as a dope ass dude who likes pizza…

Yes I was insanely drunk, why would you even ask such a silly question?

FYI Tumblr:

FYI Tumblr: You actually don’t have to put “Vegan” in your about me. I don’t put “Sriracha sauce enthusiast & Burrito connoisseur” even though it defines who I am

If it bothers you that people post “vegan” in the about me section of their blog…

Either don’t read it, quit complaining…or you can just leave “skinhead”, “Mod”, “Vespas” etc. or just about anything that you believe separates yourself from the rest of humanity off of your own?

Quit complaining.

This is tumblr

Take that nonsense over to Yelp.

It’s not like, ya know….we are actually doing more to help this world we live in than you carnist are or anything?