What a beautiful sight to wake up to. Ripe pears and bananas. I foresee some monomeals in my future! ;) Also, my dates should be arriving today, and I cannot wait!! Seriously, if you haven’t yet, go over to www.7hotdates.com and get yourself some delicious #organic dates! You’ll be hooked. #7hotdates #ripe #fruit #gofruityourself #highonfruit #highcarb #lowfat #anticancerfood #eatyourfruits #vegan #plantbased #goveg #vegangal #801010 #rawtill4

Feature Friday- Summers Juice Bar Brooklyn

Feature Friday- Summers Juice Bar Brooklyn

Rise and Shine on this happy Friday! TGIF for all! As we wind down from summer, I know, I have been saying this for a few posts, but it is officially time to let go, although in NYC it was recently close to 80 degrees! As the seasons change it is key to remember, that cold and flu season is around the corner and what better way to stay healthy than by drinking your vitamins, minerals and greens!…

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Tuesday: Fresh + light

After some much needed quiet time and hip opener stretching last night, I decided that I would keep it carby today and eat lots of fruit. This is basically an 801010 style morning - afternoon pictured above. I’ll be doing some monoeating then indulging in a big ‘ol smoothie for lunch. If I get hungry in between, I can nom on a peach or leftover figs. Blissful. 

Well I’m finishing my first day raw in a long time. I started off with a bowl of pears, moved onto a pear smoothie and ended with a pear smoothie with ginger and romaine. Now munching on a whole cucumber. Have I ever had a mono meal? Yes. Have I ever gone a day mono mealing with the same fruit? Nope. I’ll admit toward the end of the day I couldn’t stop thinking about the delicious baked potatoes my mother was taunting me with, but I stuck with it. I’m glad I did, and proved to myself I could complete an entire day. I also feel so much better, it truly is helping me to recover from falling off the high carb wagon a bit and depriving myself of necessary sleep. I have so much energy tonight! Let’s see how tomorrow goes. Taking one day at a time. #vegan #highcarb #lowfat #monomeal #rainbowislandcleanse #cucumber #pear #gofruityourself #cleanse #newstart #selfie #vegangal #vegangirl #nomeatplease #forhealth #foranimals #clarity

What’s better than cereal for breakfast!? Try raw cereal. About a half cup of apple mash, sliced two bananas and made some creamy banana mylk and topped with coconut sugar! Crunchy, sweet and filling. Eating with the remainder of my ten bananas. #rawvegan #plantbased #carbthefuckup #raw #vegangal #nomeat #gofruityourself #801010rv #801010 #highcarb #lowfat #ditchthefat

A Weekend in Review: Farm Food + A Raw Demo Class :)

I can’t believe it’s already Tuesday! Hopefully your Monday blues have passed and you’re ready to hear me ramble on about my weekend. It was wonderful and very productive. On Saturday, hubby and I embarked on yet another adventure to the farm (it’s nameless) in the South Chicago burbs to get more goodies. We ended up getting tons of yummy veggies, four BIG seeded watermelons, and a free bunch of HUGE; like, (dinosaur egg huge) beets that had just been freshly picked that morning. This no name farm has been one of the most amazing places we’ve been to that has fresh (seeded) watermelon. Seeds in food is so important since a seed is part of the creation of that fruit or vegetable that you’re eating. Life begins with the seed. I just can’t personally justify eating a seedless watermelon, the taste is nothing like the real thang! Nom Nom Nom Nom, our last- of - the- summer fruit stashing continues……


Anyway, we got plenty of yummy things to eat and to sample out for my very first raw demo class! It was amazing and I had such a blast demonstrating how to make the yummy foods that we eat everyday. I even came upon some deep realizations as I stood there looking into everyone’s eyes and seeing the impact that  raw live foods have on the spirit of all beings. I am so grateful to have found my gift and everyone loved my food; especially the raw nut-free lemon bar recipe that I adapted from (thisrawsomelife.com) (whew!) I was a little nervous but once that rush of adrenaline came, all the fruity vibes calmed me down and kept me focused on what I needed to do! Life is such a journey! 


and it’s so beautiful. So much more is in store my friends!