Guys, so I’ve been tracking my calories for the past few days and I was definitely NOT eating enough before. I thought I was, but I was probably only reaching 1600-1800 which is most definitely not enough. Sooo I’ve been upping my carbs and the amount I’m eating but I legit feel like I’m about to burst right now. GAAAAH. Did anyone else experience this?? I can’t believe I didn’t do this at the start of my vegan journey because I have not been eating enough for months now.

I hope eating more will start to give me more energy because I’ve been feeling super lazy lately. Also maybeeee I will get my period back after a year, fingers crossed.

Let’s hope my stomach expands v v soon because I am so full I could cry 😂

Vegan: Day Two
  • Herbal tea (0 cals)
  • Lemon Water (0 cals) 
  • Coconut Water (35 cals)
  • Chocolate Chips (100 cals) 

Total: 135 cals.
I know I ate completely nothing today but mother nature just visited and so I feel extremely bloated. 

Understand that I’ve come a long way (1 year and 2 months to be exact)… So no ones words will cut me down. I’m a fuckin beast I will eat you and spit you out. Don’t dare come for me, unless I summon you. I made the decision to live a healthy lifestyle that focuses on clean eating and consistent fitness (specifically strength training). I have never had so much energy until I made those changes. But im not only stronger physically but emotionally and spiritually, as they go hand in hand. So don’t try and put me down because you’re too lazy to make a change but instead find yourself making snide remarks… You really want to mess with a girl that can deadlift 185lbs tho? Nahhh fall back!

Lol I can be a lil narcissistic can you guys tell? Lol no but really I got fan mail asking for more progression pictures. I tend to where baggy shirts when I work out so sometimes the full extent of my transformation can’t be seen… Pero eso no importante… Here you go a belly shot for ya! I am not embarrassed at all… :-)

I’m slowly trying to transform from Vegetarian to Vegan! I’ve gotten rid of eggs, and next up is cheese…

My mid-day snack!
2 vegan frozen coconut bars
1 handful of blueberries
1 table spoon of chia seeds
1 table spoon of flax seeds & A few pours of coconut mik!

It’s delicious and a great cure for a sweet tooth!

Raw Watermelon Cooler

A HealthspirationalMIT original recipe. Right now this is my version of gatorade - I needed to be rehydrated with some nutrients and I know that watermelon is majority water so this is perfect. Simple, cool, and delicious.

Makes one 1L serving.


1 cup Water

1 Lime, rind removed

1/2 of a Seedless Watermelon, scoop out the fruit (It’s about 5-6 cups of flesh)

1-2 cups Ice


Add all ingredients to your Vitamix in the order shown. Blend on high for 45 seconds. Pour and enjoy!

If you use this recipe post a picture on Instagram and tag/hashtag me @jhammond90/#jhammond90 and #HealthspirationalMIT :)

Macros: 297 calories, 77g carbs, 1g fat, 6g protein

Micros: 1103.2mg Potassium, 105.8% Vitamin A, 157.2% Vitamin C, 8.7% Calcium, 14.6% Iron

Stay Healthy My Friends <3