NYC: The Vegan Bodega is having a pop-up shop at Moo Shoes this Sunday! Holler! I’m very excited about the Vegan Bodega and Moo Shoes is my favorite place (that’s where they keep all the vegan shoes!) so this is kind of perfect. The Vegan Bodega is planning on bringing their A game with these fine products:

Monks Meat (Made in BK) Standard and Chipotle-Adobe flavors
Food for Lover’s Queso Dip
Bee Free Honee
Sweet & Sara’s Easter Skippers & Sunnys
Caviart Seaweed Caviar 
Baked goods from Gone Pie (Made in NY)
Vegan Vitamin D3 from Vitashine
Lip Balm from Pretty Monsters (Made in BK)
Vegg, the New to Market Egg Replacer

You hear that? Your chance to get the Vegg! And a bunch of other stuff! Feed me, Bodega, FEED ME!

#BodegaoftheDay ..327 Gourmet Deli on the corner of 19th and 1st Ave will go down as the first store to carry our all natural iceys in Manhattan. Long way to go from here but, this is the start. Thank you Ali. Salute. | #CoolSuppliers | #allnatural | #iceys | #manhattan | #nyc | #gourmet | #vegan | #deli | #eastside | #lovewhatyoudo | #beginnings | #numerouno | #first | #goforyours | #sundayfunday | #nodaysoff | #rockstars | #foodie | #organic | #bodegas | #iloveny (at 327 Gourmet Deli)