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Have you heard the cast commentary, though? Touya’s VA was an amateur enthusiast who begged for a part in an anime. He wasn’t a professional, so I’m inclined to cut him a lot of slack. He put a lot of passion into it.

That actually explains a lot. I haven’t heard any of the commentary. I have the repackaged box sets (the ones in the slim cases) and they don’t have any extras aside from like textless op/endings.

So, yeah. I’m inclined to cut him slack now too. Thanks for letting me know.

I can’t take all the credit of that. I came across something along those lines pertaining to the Sailor Moon manga in one of the bajillion sources I’ve been reading. The author was saying it’s not a cop out or less actiony to have the senshi fight with yelling words and flashes of light because their attacks are powered by their emotions and it’s a commentary on how girls’ emotions should be recognized.

So now I just sort of apply that to all magical girls because hell yeah girls’ emotions are powerful and valid.

I think it’s especially apt for Madoka though since girls’ emotions are a major plot point. I don’t get why dudes keep trying to say it’s not a feminist series. Sayaka’s entire character arc is framed around women’s role in patriarchy and when she snaps and stops self-sacrificing for a boy, she snaps over men being chauvinist assholes, but the poor girl had already given so much of herself away there was nothing left but the anger and grief.

Genkai and Yusuke sass-offs are like one of my favorite things

But yeah, I adore everything about her and the older the better. One of my favorite things about YYH (and I guess just Togashi, but I haven’t read a lot of his other stuff besides Level E and a volume or two of HxH) is that it subverts almost every single character trope. Genkai might be the pinnacle of that. WHAT YOU WANT MYSTICAL ASIAN WISDOM? STOP BEING A DUMBASS HAIKU AREN’T GONNA TEACH YOU HOW TO BEAT A DEMON’S HEAD IN.

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i read the first book a couple weeks ago and i liked it! havent started the next one yet tho. love love love ronan and chainsaw. also i love how blue and noah interact bc theyre so touchy w each other and it’s sweet

aaaaaaaahhhh! <3 yes, yes good. Blue and Noah’s interactions are the best (Noah diserves the best, tbh) and Ronan is inexplicably my favorite. I expected it to be Blue because I always gravitate to the girls but…gestures…Ronan Lynch. He’s the trash king of these trash boys and I love him for it. 

It’s so weird because I’m usually not a huge fan of YA or things with this many boys but all the characters just feel so well done and I just want to spend all the time with all of them. And it goes in unexpected directions (Adam gets Cabeswater?? Not Gansey! Gansey doesn’t get everything!) I also just have so many THEORIES about Glendower.

You should really enjoy the second book! It’s almost completely Ronan-centric.

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If you ever wanna buy the real stuff ask me. I know a few places that sell it by the gallon. SO much better than the fake crap. I may be biased as a new englander >.>

that sounds awesome! I found some real stuff but it was like $10 for 6oz. I bought it and it’s the best, but buying it straight from the sourceeee

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I had to go back this far too figure out what that Clark crap was about. I was so confused. Is it really worth it Clark anon?

THIS IS WHAT IT’S ABOUT. thank you so much for solving this mystery. You’re the real hero here.

Dear Clark Anon,

I exclusively use tumblr from my phone these days. I’m very sorry if my auto-corrected extraneous e has caused you any stress. Also, I’m slightly disappointed you’re not actually Clark Kent. I wanted to believe.

zombieshrooms said: good cake best birthday. also red velvet cake with strawberries sounds good; I should suggest it to my family next birthday

You definitely should! It’s delicious! Especially if you go the warm cake+chilled strawberries route.

I guess I left off from the main post that The Little Sister actually made the cake for me. She did everything but the red part of the kanji (which I did because hey, writing kanji is hard).

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!!!! Cutest !!!! Your sister’s wig is beautiful. *-*

Oh wow thanks. That was my first experience with wig styling–or at least srs business wig styling that doesn’t look like a normal simple hair do–so it probably needs some work. It kept sliding around though because I only put one wig cap on her because kids and comfort, so I need to figure out a way around that in the future too.

but thanks!

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one of my greatest regrets in life is not attending a L'Arc concert some years back. I had my reasons, but looking back I think I should have gone ;_; Plastic tree has a special place for me. “Alone Again Wonderful World” was the first song i heard

I missed seeing L’Arc live too. Tickets were waaaay too expensive. I kinda regret it. Oh man, Along Again Wonderful World was the first Plastic Tree thing I actually bought. I was so pumped to have not just a pirated song but the B-sides!?!? And the acoustic version!?! and the pamphlet?! Japanese singles are on a whole other level. Plastic Tree totally has a special place for me too, along with the like first wave of those bands I got into (MUCC, dir en grey, miyavi). PT is hands down my fav though.

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i was way more gazette and L'Arc~en~Ciel though. They don’t count as visual kei/jrock but Plastic Tree was my jam.

I was never into gazette. I listened to so much L’arc~en~Ciel! I think I was more into Hyde’s solo stuff though. I love Plastic Tree so much I still listen to Plastic Tree on the regular. I am so about that light shoe gaze at the carnival music and Ryuutaro has the voice of an angel.

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2 dollars is an acceptable loss in this case, so go for it, buy now~

I know, but it’s like the principle of the matter. Tickets are $15 now or $18 at the door but the only way to get advanced tickets is through ticketfly and the service charges make it $20. When like…the venue is down the street and I can usually pick up advance tickets in person without service charges.

I’m just being crotchety really because there is a very specific way music Is To Be Done Here. I’m probably going to order one tomorrow bc Twigs.