Happy 26th B I R T H D A Y to my very best friend, David! And also to Mr. & Mrs. Ofahulu -Happy 26th year of being successful & loving parents! Thank you for raising such a wonderful, God fearing, loving, strong, cultured, loyal & sincere man. He has been a blessing in my life, to my family & to others, including strangers through his random acts of kindness. March 12th is definitely a day to celebrate the birth of a beautiful individual but it is also a day to be thankful to you both for being the foundation he needs to create his path. And to P for being such an amazing sister to him! The love & respect you both have for each other is unconditional and I love this about you two. I’m thankful to have met David because it has put you in my life too! To everyone that has grown up with him, loved him, fought with him, taught him & played any and all parts in his life.. thank you all too. But back to David.. Happy birthday love. =] Thank you for simply being you. And thank you for letting me play a part in your 25th year. As that chapter ends, I’m happy to know that I’m on the first page of your 26th chapter too. Ofa atu <3

[I’m a day late but as Palasa said.. I was busy LIVING in the moment lol]

…I just thought about the most beautiful sunset/sunrise we’ve ever seen together and how it never compares to the warmth of the love we share. No stars, no moon, no sun, will ever be near your beauty. And no stretch of distance will ever keep my mind far from you. Like hon3y on my finger tips, babe I’m stuck on you. 143
—  V. Ofahulu
Tweeted January 23, 2013