veedle said: Agree with everything. But is “Sakura KNOWS the man Naruto is” the same as understanding him? I was quite skeptical about it during the fake confession.

When I say she knows him, I mean that she get’s that he’s kind, that he’s a hero, that he’s been there for her the entire time. Even after all that though, her confession is STILL presented as something that’s false.

Sakura understands Naruto’s desire to be acknowledged by Sasuke and… Yep. Just like Naruto understands Sakura’s desire to be acknowledged by Sasuke back in part 1 and… Yep. 

It should be noted that Hinata seems to understand Naruto the best, at least when it comes to his desire to be acknowledged in general and never giving up. They share a nindo for a reason.

Sadly, no one seems to understands Sakura’s desire to help in any way she can.