Vé News Episode 5!!!!! 

Finally came in! He told me he was gonna write it one day and like the motivated man he is, it’s here. The note was awesome too, I’m proud of you big bro, congrats on the book. I highly recommend if you have a family member or friend that’s about to attend college, @ve317 has been through many adventures and experiences that he grew from. His realistic understanding of the modern world can only help you. Check him out on Facebook and Twitter. L&R #DreamsOrDegrees #Ve317 #ProudOfMyBigBro


Sometimes I make other people’s beats my yitch. 


Solo Cyphers 19


Wait no more, episode 4! 


it’s a shame this only has 27 views. 

Find Something to Believe In 

If you want success so far beyond reach, you will have to do out of this world activities with substantial discipline or uncommon luck. If you want real support you have to reach further than your friends and family because sadly enough they will not get you where you need to be. If you notice successful newcomers in music always have “Day 1” fans and then “bandwagoners,” but those same “Day 1” fans were the ones listening to your music in privacy not telling anyone about you. As soon as you become popular they will praise you with the utmost sincerity. This is a direct comparison to your friends and family

Friends and family will only be able to support you to an extent, they can’t give you the exposure that you need to branch out into a space of a limited amount of people (successful people, millionaires etc.). One reason is because a lot of them will be envious of you or are already envious of your potential. 

This brings me to the conclusion that you have to detach yourself from such people and keep your distance, or you can allow them to drag you down. I have never been one to follow trends or allow others to control my fate or my destiny. What I have noticed over the years is how conscious and considerate I have became of others feelings and potential reactions. For this, I apologize. I am sorry for giving two shits about how you all felt when in actuality it really doesn’t matter. 

I have greatness within me and I have sheltered it for many years to try to shape and create something that would be accepted by all. 

How silly of me? When I was in the 6th grade I was freer than I am now and I didn’t even have half the knowledge I do now. 

With that being said, one who is invisible is untouchable. 

I don’t care your religion or your spiritual beliefs, just know there is a bit of a genius, a bit of a god within all of us. Don’t suppress yours.

I’m a thinker. A dreamer. An idealist. An artiste

I don’t care who you are.


That new Solo Cyphers is here… 18! Killed that Jay.

Stick Up (Prod. by UrKillinMeRichie)
  • Stick Up (Prod. by UrKillinMeRichie)
  • Vé317
  • 2014

This is the highly anticipated first single off of Vé317’s new untitled project set to release in 2014. After a social media hiatus, here is the first song to drop.


Solo Cyphers 20. You can thank me later. 


Yeah it’s Sunday. You’re welcome.