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It’s finals season at school, so things have been busy as hell and I don’t get much online time… But the sketchbook pages are filling up steadily, so I’ve got some scans on the way, starting with this urban elf I spotted at the VCU Compass.

Also, many thanks to Julia Liu for recommending these way cool pens to me. I don’t think I can wield them anywhere near as well as her yet but they’re a real nice break from ballpoints.


A spontaneous march and demonstration in solidarity with Ferguson, Missouri, in Richmond, Virginia, on November 24th/25th. Late on the evening of Monday, November 24th, the decision of a grand jury not to indict Darren Wilson was announced. 

The demonstration began on the Monroe Park Campus of Virginia Commonwealth University, and marched to the Richmond Police headquarters on Grace Street. Various news agencies have estimated that, at its peak, the demonstration was about 700 strong. Another demo is planned for November 25th, at 4:30pm, at the John Marshall Courts Building

See more photos here. The top photos are of Chris Kindred and Shavontae Patrick. 


VCU Students Protest Darren Wilson Grand Jury from Craig Zirpolo

Students at Virginia Commonwealth University protest a grand jury decision to not indict Darren Wilson, a white police officer who shot and killed 18 year-old Michael Brown. The group started on Broad St., marched to The Compass and then to the Richmond Police Station on Franklin St.


It’s amazing what happens when we all come together for things like this. After the announcement was made that the grand jury decided not to indict Darren Wilson, it was decided that we were going to march. To protest. To cry. Black lives are not valued in America. For some time I was quite speechless; I still am. Let it be known that we protest because we have things to say, to yell for. We aren’t going to be quiet any time soon.

Filmed by Mackenzie Werner and Craig Zirpolo
Edited by Craig Zirpolo


Ran out and took this video last night.