my attempt at figuring out zevran’s face. in COLOR.

he’s a bit too baby-faced on the left but i liked how it came out anyway

but yeah lmao (leans on elbow) so i finished playing origins and romanced zev. i initially restarted as a male warden so i could romance morrigan then i found this clown and i was like, There He Is and it was love obviously. i can’t wait to play DA2 so i can FIND HIM and MAKE HIM MY BOYFRIEND, AGAIN.


- Roundhouse Mom: 1943 ”Mrs. Marcella Hart, mother of three, employed as a wiper at the - roundhouse. Chicago & N.W. R.R.,” Clinton, Iowa

- Working Mother: 1943  ”Mrs. Irene Bracker, mother of two, employed at the roundhouse as a wiper, Chicago & North Western R.R.

- Indigo Girl Clinton, Iowa, April 1943. “Mrs. Dorothy Lucke, employed as a wiper at the Chicago & North Western R.R. roundhouse.

- On Top of Old Steamy: 1943 “Chicago & North Western RR, Clinton, Iowa. Women wipers cleaning one of the giant H-class locomotives.

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So here’s the source of J. Howard Miller's “We Can Do It!” poster from 1943.