Mania de jogar o cabelo pro lado. Mania de sorrir quando sente alguém olhando demais. Mania de coçar os olhos e olhar o visor do celular como se houvesse chegado alguma coisa e não viu. Mania de estudar escutando música e revirar os olhos sempre que escuta, ouve ou vê alguma bobagem. De sorrisos, de olhares, de vozes e cheiros. Mania de achar que nem tudo é aquilo que se vê. De imaginar situações com quem nunca viu e se arrepiar, sorrir, se desesperar por isso. Mania de fechar os olhos antes de dormir e te desejar boa noite em pensamento, dorme bem, sonha comigo, te quero muito e bem.
—  Caio Fernando Abreu.

The PARA who singlehandedly prevented considerable loss of life during an assault into a Taliban stronghold in Afghanistan is to be awarded the Victoria Cross, the highest military honour, it has been announced today with the publication of the operational honours and awards list.

Lance Corporal Josh Leakey, of The Parachute Regiment, was deployed in Afghanistan as a member of a task force conducting operations to disrupt insurgent safe-havens and protect the main operating base in Helmand Province during the summer of 2013.

It was whilst on a combined UK/US assault led by the US Marine Corps to disrupt a key insurgent group on 22 August 2013 that the force, having dismounted from their helicopters, came under accurate machine gun and rocket propelled grenade fire.

“On this day, things just felt different,” said Josh, recalling the events of the day. “The enemy were more determined, even when air support was around, they stood and they fought, which was fairly uncommon. And, thoughts going through my mind on that day were, let’s do this right. There’s a man wounded, we need to get this guy sorted, and also stop more people getting wounded.”

Josh is not the first recipient of the VC in his family, as his second cousin twice removed, Sergeant Nigel Gray Leakey, was posthumously recognised with the honour in November 1945 during the Second World War.

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