The beautiful Veronica Butler with her son Jonah (3) and daughter Ava (9.5 months). Veronica and her husband tried to conceive for about 3 years before they pushed to find more answers. After being told that everything was okay she pushed to be seen by a fertility specialist and finally conceived. Sadly, at 9 weeks she lost the pregnancy and had to have a D&C. Veronica was very depressed and worried whether even with help she’d be able to carry a pregnancy. She and her husband decided to try IVF and if that didn’t work, they’d adopt as she couldn’t picture her life without children. They were able to conceive Jonah and she went on to have a healthy pregnancy. Veronica planned for an unmedicated birth but had to transfer in hospital and ultimately delivered via cesarean. The experience was very difficult for her and it took some time to feel ready to do it again. Ava was conceived with the help of IVF also and Veronica had another uneventful pregnancy and very healing VBAC in hospital. Veronica has been able to breastfeed both of her children without complication and says she was so grateful to be able to breastfeed without complication after her struggles with fertility, she also counsels and supports other breastfeeding mothers and is just beginning to start work helping women overcome birth trauma.
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garlic8reath asked:

What about 3 and 15 for Gary?

3. What do you think others like or admire about you?

“Oh wow. I guess that depends on what people. To the other Henchmen, I was a leader.” He places a fist over his heart and stares off into the distance dramatically. “I was a fierce and mighty warrior, and they the loyal soldiers at my command. Yet I was also a humble shepherd, and they, my flock. I was firm, yet fair. I never coddled them, and looking back perhaps I was too hard on them at times. But they knew they could always count on me when it mattered-” A look of realization, then shifting to crestfallen.

“Until… they couldn’t.” He sits down, eyes cast downward. “Because I left them. I abandoned them all over-…” His hands move to his face. “I left them alone with those… murderous little monsters. And if I’d toughed it out instead of bailing, Sergeant Hatred never woulda-…

“Oh God. I killed every last one of them. No one should admire anything about me. I shouldn’t have even survived…”

15. Would you always be loyal to your loved ones even if they wronged you?

“Yes. I’m done with bailing. I’m done with running from my problems. I can count on one hand the number of people left who mean anything to me and I will die before I lose them, too.