Wowzers, have I been gone awhile or what? Sorry for the drawn out absence, been hella busy and that doesnt appear like itll be changing anytime soon. If you follow me on instagram,youve probably already seen these outlines, but I thought Id give them a quick color and throw em up.

The hip guy there on top belongs to my bud Nikky

A drawing of Vaulty I literally just drew for Nikky and Carrie
Hnnnnnn there’s more to it, but seriously my fucking anatomy is really rusty because I have not been drawing as much as I should be and when I do it’s usually only in the ST style urgh so it looks really bad past what I’m showing on it omfg hdhfjfjffkf

Open RP
  • Alessa:"Well, looks like you've done it again, old girl." Alessa grumbles as she sits beside a rather large rock in the desert, pressing buttons on her PipBoy to try and debug it. Lately its GPS had been acting up, and she wondered if it needed to be replaced. Something like that would call for a trip back home, unless there was another Vault somewhere in Vegas with a resident PipBoy Programmer. She sighs heavily, shaking her head. She can't figure the damned thing out. "Shit," she curses under her breath. "I can't believe it got me lost again. How am I supposed to make a trip home to get the stupid thing fixed if I keep getting lost? Maybe I should find someone who can read paper maps to come with me." She stops messing with the PipBoy, and looks around. She really has no idea where she is. She's lost, and alone. Again.
Entry #6

Finally found my way to Megaton. Lucas Simms greeted me at the door and he told me a little about the town. Built around a bomb. Like the ones that caused all this mess. I think they’re all insane for living here.
Speaking of the bomb, I met a man named Burke. First I thought he was hitting on me and I didn’t mind. After all, he wasn’t unattractive. Then he basically said he wanted me to blow up Megaton.
I decided to use my womanly charms in my favor. Told him I lived there, and he left in a hurry, promising to send for me. I seem to have a way with men.
Now, let’s see about this bomb…

Been fresh out of ideas lately then I finally gained like two ideas and this was one of them Vaulty chilling out on his Firebird watching the sunset escaping reality for a bit. Cause we all need those moments.~

Also first time drawing a car uGH

AND Also the number “67” on his arm is his football number


Psychosis/ Vaulty(c) VirtuallyTwisted and Fronksie


Ada sebuah box imajiner. Disebut imajiner karena benda itu tidak berfisik, tidak dapat disentuh, tapi ada. Box itu berada tepat di sudut layar, visible for everyone yet untouchable. Tidak kopong, dia berisi dan akan selalu terisi. Namun semua tentu ada limit-nya, begitu pula box itu, memiliki batas tampung tertentu, untuk saat ini ia masih sanggup untuk dijejali.
Walau untuk menjejali tentunya diawali dengan membuka, namun membuka hanya membuka tanpa berani kuintip lagi isinya. Agak ganjil juga, lalu untuk apa diisi jika aku sendiri tidak berani melihat kembali segala yang ada disana, untuk apa menyimpan jika seakan tidak dibutuhkan?
Box itu bukan tempat sampah! Walau tidak pernah dibuka untuk ‘melihat’ kembali isinya, namun di situ lah segala sesuatu berharga tersimpan. Mungkin hanya untuk dikenang dalam kebutaan… Atau bisa juga untuk ‘dilihat’ ulang jika telah genap nyaliku.

I Guess Some Things Never Change

Oh um…wow haven’t drawn these two in LITERALLY over a year but they’ve made a roaring comeback and I’m proud to say I’m drawing them again! I missed these guys so much but I just seriously had literally no ideas for these two but they have recently developed a pretty solid plot of these two this picture basically depict how their relationship is at the start of our comic HUFF I hope you guys enjoy and I hope you guys are ready to see some Vaulty and Pippy art!


Crow and Oasis

There are rumors Crow came from Oasis, but if he did he never talks about it.

The Twin Mothers tribe is descended from the residents of Vault 29. 

In 2250, when Crow was around 12-13 years old and acting as shaman, an old ghoul with a tree growing out of his head came sick and dying on a quest to cure himself to the the Twin Mothers tribe. They took him and cared for him, and Crow helped concoct a potion to save the old ghoul’s life. In gratitude, the ghoul offered whatever aid he could, but the tribe refused, because the “goddess provides.”

That old ghoul was Oasis’ own Harold, one of the original Vault 29 dwellers who’d been wandering the continent since 2290. At his request Harold was introduced to the ‘goddess’ Diana, a projection of the AI which had helped the tribe develop out of ex-Vaulties generations before. 

When Harold left Crow figured that was that, until the Legion decimated his tribe toward the end of that decade. Crow began his long, slow travel east, pulled by nothing more than the need to not stop.

After nearly five years of travel Crow ended up drawn to Oasis. 

Imagine both their surprises when the new ‘Bloomseer’ was introduced to their god. Crow was always a more skeptical sort. He believes firmly in the supernatural and the power of the earth and nature, but he could see through the projection of Diana and he could recognize Harold immediately.

Crow spent a considerable time at Oasis, learning under the old soothsayer Bloomseer Poplar ways to harness his psyker abilities and use them to their full potential. She could see the future, even if she relayed it in riddles (a trait which Crow picked up from her).

Eventually, he and the Tree Father ideologically clashed one too many times, and this particularly over exploiting Bob and Harold to spread Oasis into the rest of the Wasteland. Birch cast him out, and though there was never a threat of violence and he was welcomed back (as a visitor, thanks to a good word put in by a still grateful ‘god’) Crow didn’t return to Oasis until he brought Mac with him.