The interior is so much fancier than the exterior. All the ceilings are either vaulted and covered in this shiny mosaic tile shown here or plastered and intricately carved and painted to mimic wood paneling. This building holds so many interesting facts, and we may not discover them all during our lifetimes! There is still ongoing research to identify the faces that appear in the lobby, the source of the materials, the 80 or so contractors who were all based in NYC, and the list goes on.

Some things discovered about the Woolworth Building:
- Every face and figure was individually hand-carved, so no two are alike. This is true for both the interior AND the facade.
- There is no wood for fear of flammability, but the ceiling panels in the elevator lobby are incredibly unconvincing of this! (As are the elevators themselves!)
- Four train lines converged below the street level entrance of the building, but the hub was later closed when trains grew to 10-car-lengths and could not make the tight turns to enter the station.

Vaulted Ceiling Detail

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