Geophysicist / science-web savant Matt Hall and I were backchanneling a year ago when he asked if I would like to be a part of “an informal, practical, useful book for geophysicists and seismic interpreters in the worldwide oil and gas industry, full of down-to-earth, common sense advice.” To which I replied, “Yeah!” Today, 52 Things You Should Know About Geophysics is out on (virtual) bookshelves, with my essay on integrative innovation in the geosciences! You can order your own copy at the Agile Libre eStore or, if you must, at Amazon. Can’t go wrong at 52 essays for $19 or $0.37 per essay, folks.

It is to the benefit of all lovers of science, education and rational thinking to get a copy of this book. Note that it is called 52 Things You Should Know About Geophysics and not 52 Things Geophysicists Should Know. First principles are useful weapons for any arsenal, not just those of scientists. Haven’t you ever been curious about how sound travels through different media, what acoustic technicians do to condition and transmit radio, tv, concert and sports sound feeds to you, what a fetal sonogram is, how a DJ creates those oomph oomph sounds and, most importantly, one of the first things that happens in finding the fuel for your cars, buses and airplanes? It’s all in the signal to noise, frequencies, velocities, absorption and attenuation of sound waves and how these relate to different materials. In our case, they are beautiful, beloved rocks.