Carol’s Transformation 

Four seasons ago, it would be hard to imagine that the Carol Peletier we see now is the same one we saw then. Under the dictator-like thumb of her husband Ed, Carol was weak and seemingly helpless. It was evident that she was the victim of domestic abuse, and had been mentally beaten down into a state of despair. After Ed is killed during the raid on the Atlanta camp in “Vatos”, Carol began a subtle, heroic transformation from battered wife to bad ass matriarch

Actress Melissa McBride has crafted a remarkable journey for Carol. Her position as mother bear was well earned, having believed herself to be a burden to the group. She found it difficult to believe in herself, and found solace in the arms of Daryl Dixon

As his rough, no nonsense attitude started to rub off on her, Carol slowly started to gain a newfound confidence. 

This is a drastic alteration from her comic book counterpart, who was in a relationship with Tyreese. After he cheated on her, Carol fell into a deep and scary depression, even proposing an offer to Rick and Lori about some kind of kinky threesome relationship. It was a bizarre final days for comic Carol, who eventually took her own life via suicide by zombie. 

But as the comic book version of Carol slipped into a dark abyss, the TV Carol rose from the ashes like a phoenix to become one of TV’s great female protagonists. 

Sparked by her daughter’s tragic death in season two’s “Pretty Much Dead Already”, Carol started down a path that would see her grow into the strong, confident woman that we see today. 

She’s a vastly different character compared to her comic incarnation, and that’s for the best. 

 January 29, 2015 - - TWD 10 Great Moments When the Show Ignored the Comic