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My Thoughts on Phil Fish

  Today, Mr. Fish has announced that his company and the rights for Fez are up for sale. I am hoping this will be the last we hear of Mr. Fish, for his sake, and ours.

   Phil Fish, it seemed to me, when I first saw him shortly before FEZ released, an artist, who’s soul has interlaced with his art, and the resulting amount of success his work would receive, would bring him happiness or eternal sorrow. As he said, if Fez wasn’t successful, he would just die. I sympathized with him and thought he was a visionary, who would bring many a great title.

   Fez was praised and by itself is deserving of that praise. I felt great for Mr. Fish, finally receiving his comeback and validation, but I believe this validation, which he so wanted, would soon turn into his downfall. As time went on, I noticed his attitude changed, at least on the outside, to reflect who he might have been all along. I was able to set this aside and think that he may just not have a knack for social media, but again, I was proven wrong.

   Fez 2 was announced and Fish was criticized, quickly leading to cancellation of Fez 2. Not being delayed to work on the criticism, not coming out in spite of the criticism, but denied life, due to the apparent unworthiness of it’s peers. Mr. Fish fell into a pit of egotism, hatred, and fear, which he would never escape. His only way to cope with the criticism and popularity, was to gain a mindset of utter Opulence and look down on everyone, as inferior.

   I find people like Mr. Fish frankly disgusting. The way he acts towards people is unacceptable. I personally wouldn’t want to be in the same room with him.

   This being said. Do I think that he deserved what he got in the end? No.

   I believe Mr. Fish is despicable, but I feel that the reaction of the loud minority is also incredibly out of hand. I don’t like Phil Fish, but I would never, no matter what he did, threaten his life, steal his information, invade his privacy, or in anyway stoop to his level of thought. To react to another despicable person, in kind, is not the correct way of going about things. I am glad to see that he may finally be pulling out of this arena, which he cannot handle, and especially in a way that may result in the one glimmer of an artist developer, I saw years ago. 

   I think Mr. Fish should receive medical attention for problems, which I can only assume can be healed by a psychologist. I also think that the more vindictive of use who’ve committed these crimes against him should be also committed for their behavior and crimes. I find this whole mess just pathetic, as one child tries to fight against an army of other children, only to leave the playground all together. The rest of us, the adults, should teach these children how to act in a civil manner.

   Let’s hope Mr. Fish gets his help and that Fez will be given knew life, under the wing of a caring developer. 

                        I like posting these types of journals, so if you don’t mind me blathering on a little ever once in a while, I think I’ll make more as things come up. 

           Let’s show how good the Gaming community can be, Foolies.
                                               ~ Vastile

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Can we talk about this still? Rose looks SO upset and confused. We know she almost kills Natalie but pauses because she’s still her friend and the look on Zoey’s face really captures Rose’s internal conflict during this scene. Four for you @ZoeyDeutch #vampireacademy #vabs #vastill #vaseries #vampireacademybloodsisters #vabloodsisters #vamovie #zoeydeutch #rosehathaway #romitri

“No one had ever called me
unnatural before, except for the
time I put ketchup on a taco. But
seriously, we’d been out of salsa,
so what else was I supposed to do?”

This quote has nothing to do with the scene but it’s still funny. #vampireacademy #rosehathaway #vaquotes #vamovie #bloodsisters #bloodpromise #zoeydeutch #bookquotes #romitri #vampireacademymovie #vaseries #vastill #funny #movie