Doctor Who kiss...

So apparently there are some mouth breathing bigots out there quite distressed about the life saving kiss between Vashtra and Jenny last night on the season premiere, Deep Breath. 

According to Pink News and other online media, people have an issue with the kiss. 



These “reviewers” and others like them on social media outlets last night are simple that, reviewers. Because they obviously are not fans of the show. Because a fan would know…







I think the real issue here of course is that it was two females kissing. That’s what people are really “offended” about, right? Just ignore the fact that Vastra and Jenny are one of (if not THE) longest lasting couples on the show. They are MARRIED.


How on earth is their kiss forced? Or out of place? This is not simply homophobia we are seeing here, it’s sexism. Because let’s not forget one of my favorite kisses…


Also, that is ironically funny to me is that NOT A SINGLE comment I have seen today has an issue with it being inter species! Like, you can kiss a giant lizard, just not a lizard lady.

I loved the kiss. It is one of only two times I looked away long enough to tweet last night! The BFF teamfreeyourassfromhell and I literally squealed/screamed enjoying the cuteness.  


Props to BBC, Moffat, and the whole gang. I thought it was a good episode. I am enjoying Capaldi’s portrayal so far and I enjoy the love story of Vashtra & Jenny. 

So I know everyone is freaking about about the dead ghost lady and the “And this is my wife.” Line but….

Did no one else find it hilarious that Vashtra and Jenny are ACTUALLY FIVE YEAR OLDS.
“No you can’t join our special Doctor club.”
“No humans allowed.”
“Except my wife.”
“You have to complete this random word game that we just thought up to
get in our club.”


My main fabulous lair babies. Very diverse and very lovely dergs. All with some amount of back story, personality, and role in the clan because I have too much free time on break…

This is why I love Doctor Who (series 8 quotes--possible spoilers)

This is why I love Doctor Who (series 8 quotes–possible spoilers)

These are some of my favorite things (and by things I mean quotes) from season 8 of Doctor Who. Take one that stands out to you and think about it for a while. Forget that you learned it from an alien in a sci-fi show, and think of all the implications.

Deep Breath

Clara: When did you stop wearing your veil?

Vashtra: When you stopped seeing it.

Into the Dalek

Doctor:You looked inside me and you…

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