The Signs by Their Biblical Angels
  • Aries:Machidiel ("fullness of God," governing Angel of March, also referred to as Prince Machidiel)
  • Taurus:Asmodel (once a chief of the order of cherubim, now the demon of punishment)
  • Gemini:Ambriel (a prince of the order of the thrones, chief officer of the 12th hour of night, name from the Hebrew charm "kamea" for warding off evil)
  • Cancer:Muriel (from Greek "myrrh," one of the rulers of the order of dominations, invoked from the south, can give the invocant a magic carpet, serves under Veguaniel)
  • Leo:Verchiel (one of the rulers of the order of powers, governor of the sun)
  • Virgo:Hamaliel (one of the rulers of the order of virtues)
  • Libra:Zuriel ("my rock is God," Prince of the order of principalities, one of the 70 childbed amulet Angels, curer of stupidity of man)OR Uriel ("fire of God," ranked variously as presider over Hades, seraphim, cherub, etc., destroyer of the hosts of Sennacherib, can be invoked by those born in September)
  • Scorpio:Barbiel (a prince of the order of virtues and order of archangels, serves in the underworld as one of the 7 Electors)
  • Sagittarius:Advachiel (aka Adnachiel, alternates with Phaleg as Angel ruler of Angels)
  • Capricorn:Hanael (aka Haniel, "glory or grace of God" of "he who sees God," chief of the orders of principalities, virtues, and innocents, is invoked as an amulet against evil)
  • Aquarius:Cambiel (an Angel of the 9th hour) OR Gabriel ("God is my strength," angel of resurrection, mercy, annunciation, death, vengeance, revelation, Prince of the 1st heaven, said to sit on the left-hand side of God)
  • Pisces:Barchiel (aka Barakiel, "lightning of God," one of the 7 archangels, Prince of the 2nd heaven and order of confessors, dominion over lightning, invoked to bring success to games of chance)
  • *NOTE- These are NOT full biographies. If you're interested in more info about the angels listed, or other angels, you can talk to me or do research of your own. Also, this is just meant to be a fun post by a girl who's into theology. Let's not debate over religion! Finally, I did not reference ceremonial magic in any of these descriptions. Thank you!*

It is a sea creature found in medieval bestiaries and the Physiologus. It has been mentioned in traveler’s myth and lore in Greece, Egypt, throughout Europe, and in the Latin world.


It has been variously described as either resembling a large whale or vast sea turtle, and a giant sea monster with huge spines on the ridge of its back. It was often mistaken for an island and appears to be rocky, with crevices and valleys with trees and greenery and having sand dunes all over it. 

It was said to rise to the surface from the depths of the sea, to trick sailors into believing it was an island - for them to land on - and then pull them to the bottom of the ocean and drown them.

The Aspidochelone also emits a sweet smell that lures fish into its trap where it then devours them.


In the Latin text of the Physiologus, it reads:

“There is a monster in the sea which in Greek is called aspidochelone, in Latin "asp-turtle”; it is a great whale, that has what appear to be beaches on its hide, like those from the sea-shore. This creature raises its back above the waves of the sea, so that sailors believe that it is just an island, so that when they see it, it appears to them to be a sandy beach such as is common along the sea-shore. Believing it to be an island, they beach their ship alongside it, and disembarking, they plant stakes and tie up the ships. Then, in order to cook a meal after this work, they make fires on the sand as if on land. But when the monster feels the heat of these fires, it immediately submerges into the water, and pulls the ship into the depths of the sea.
Such is the fate of all who pay no heed to the Devil and his wiles, and place their hopes in him: tied to him by their works, they are submerged into the burning fire of Gehenna: for such is his guile.“

Pliny The Elder’s Natural History tells the story of a giant fish, which he names “Pristis”, of immense size; he also relates the tale of sailors landing on its back, only to discover that it was not in fact land when it submerged.

In Irish folklore, there was a giant fish sea monster that breached the boat of Saint Brendan. It had a different name of “Jasconius”. It was also mistaken for an island. The sailors celebrated Easter on the back of the sleeping monster, but awakened it when they lit a campfire. They race to their ship, and Brendan explains that the moving island is really Jasconius, who labors unsuccessfully to put his tail in its mouth.

The sea monster is also known as “Zaratan” in the Middle East, found in Arab and Islamic legends. It is found in the works of:

  • “The Wonders of Creation”, by the Al Qaswini in Persia.
  • “Book of Animals” by a Spanish naturalist named Miguel Palacios. 
  • It is also mentioned in the first voyage of Sinbad the Sailor in the “Tales of the Thousand and One Nights”.

kun gzhi ye shes - 1) all ground wisdom, primordial panoramic awareness; 2) alaya and wisdom)/ [variously related to kun gzhi = alaya] [IW]

kun song - variously appeared realm [JV]

cir yang - everything various, varieties as anything, variously, everywhere, whatever, anything; since; by all means/ everywhere/ with a neg. particle nowhere [RY]

cir yang - everything, whatever, anything, varieties various as anything, variously, everywhere [IW]

ji rnyed pa - all that possibly exists, variously, as many as, actualization as much as there is [RY]

ji rnyed pa - variously, as many as, as much as there is. [IW]

tha dad du - separately, variously, apart [JV]

rnam kun mchog ldan - inseparable appearance/ emptiness, possessing the supreme of all aspects/ all the supreme aspects [always denotes union of the two truths of appearance emptiness, variously explained as appearance having emptiness which is the supreme of all aspects; or non- nihilistic emptiness possessing the supreme aspects of the buddha qualities etc. The two are not necessarily incompatible or even non-identical] [IW]

rnam ‘byung - variously emerged realm [JV]

sna tshogs su - variously [RY]

rtsal cir yang 'char ba - variously manifesting expression [JV]

rtsal cir yang 'char ba - variously manifesting expression, function manifesting in any way whatsoever [RY]

so sor - individually; variously; respectively [RB]

so sor - individually; separately, variously; respectively; separate; each and every, many forms [RY]

8/? aethestics 

⤗ Apollo

Apollo is one of the most important and complex of the Olympian deities in classical Greek and Roman religion and Greek and Roman mythology. The ideal of the kouros (a beardless, athletic youth), Apollo has been variously recognized as a god of music, truth and prophecy, healing, the sun and light, plague, poetry, and more. Apollo is the son of Zeus and Leto, and has a twin sister, the chaste huntress Artemis.

Cabling for BepiColombo testing by europeanspaceagency on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
Artist Edgar Martins’ view of cabling used during testing of ESA’s BepiColombo spacecraft at ESTEC – the largest satellite testing facility in Europe, in Noordwijk, the Netherlands.

BepiColombo is a joint mission with Japan to Mercury, the innermost world of the Solar System, set for launch in January 2017. BepiColombo will venture closer to the Sun than any European spacecraft before, so requires rigorous testing to ensure it can withstand the high temperatures and radiation exposure.

Edgar Martins has collaborated closely with ESA to produce a comprehensive photographic survey of the Agency’s various facilities around the globe, together with those of its international partners.

Characteristically empty of people, his long-exposures – shot over up to one hour using a 10x8 inch (25x20 cm), large-format camera – possess a stark, reverent style, variously depicting test centres, robotics departments, space simulators, laboratories, launch sites, astronaut training centres and satellite assembly rooms.

Credit: Edgar Martins

Mythology’s Goddesses - Hecate

“Hecate is a goddess in Greek religion and mythology, most often shown holding two torches or a key and in later periods depicted in triple form. She was variously associated with crossroads, entrance-ways, dogs, light, the moon, magic, witchcraft, knowledge of herbs and poisonous plants, ghosts, necromancy, and sorcery. She was one of the main deities worshiped in Athenian households as a protective goddess and one who bestowed prosperity and daily blessings on the family.” (x)



Lovell’s exquisitely drawn Conte crayon visages are sourced from his large archive of vintage I.D. photos, including passport pictures and mug shots. The harsh lighting of the images and the lack of retouching contribute to the stark specificity of the Kin Series drawings and differentiate the series from other bodies of work in which Lovell engages the conventions of studio photography.

Lovell pairs the detailed drawings with multivalent objects that relate both formally and conceptually to the expressive faces. Everyday items such as a clock, a cake topper, or a syringe might variously impart a sense of irony, longing, or violence. Together, the intriguing objects and faces hint at potential narratives or conjure an individual’s interior life. The artist explains: “Focusing primarily on images of anonymous black people from the period between the Emancipation Proclamation and the Civil Rights Movement, I attempt to illuminate the humanity and richness of these ordinary people. Though they rarely appeared in the visual art of their time, their legacies continue to be engrained in our cultural memory.” As a whole, the sixty works in the Kin Series constitute an expansive American family album of sorts. 

Ali Malla. One of my all-time favorites. A Middle Easterner (variously described as Kurdish, Lebanese, and Egyptian) who came to the USA and did very well. He could be impressively lean or gigantically muscled, and he really knew how to pose (as in the above photo).

I haven’t found him online, but I did find a great story about him: one of the Barbarian brothers asked Ali to punch in the face to psych him up for a workout. Ali obliged, and sent him reeling.

Haven’t you always wanted to punch one of the Barbarian brothers in the face?

Faces on the Street

He has been variously described as:

“The Aleister Crowley of this era, but more insidious.” Guardians of Youth, media-watch group
“A man of great courage, pinciple and humanity.” The Archbishop of New York
“A cheap, flashy little crook.” his father
“Dangerous to know” and “a thoroughgoing bastard.” Ted ‘Gold’ Digger, unconvicted acolyte of the Manson Family
“A good mate of mine.” John ‘Pearly’ Grey, Eastend autocrat of crime, reputedly the only man feared by the notorious Kray Twins

Go to him yet? No? A few more clues then.

Lead singer with the short-lived but brilliantly vitriolic Mucous Membrane back in '78.
Notorious occulstit who spent two years in the bin after failing to pull off, in real life, an exorcism as successfully as William Friedkin did on film.

No? You disappoint me. I thought you were street people.

For as long as this hack has been on the scene, people who know people have been talking about John Constantine.

I mean it, this guy’s contacts are incredible - he’s got history.

Hellblazer #01

Astralwerks’ green-haired Halsey, who conjures a cooler-than-cool electro vibe variously recalling Lorde and Lana Del Rey, closed out the night following an intro from McIntosh. The charismatic singer was discovered via Soundcloud less than a year ago (with her song “Ghost” having earned some 5 million streams); her expressive vocals popped over the minimalist arrangements.
—  HITS Daily Double, covering the Capitol Upfronts

At around quarter past one on the afternoon of the 25th of June 1984 Michel Foucault died of an AIDS related illness. In accordance with statutory requirements, the time, place and cause of his death were officially certificated. Whilst Foucault’s legal status may have switched neatly and instantaneously from living to deceased, the material of Foucault’s body was not so compliant. As the cardiograph displayed the steady flat line of death, a host of alternative connections detected variously abating and burgeoning activity. Whilst Michel Foucault, the legal entity with the capacity to enter into contractual agreements abruptly ceased, his flesh, his estate, his ideas and his disease, liberated from ownership, continued to operate within the distributed machineries of autonomous economies.

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#Peabody Winner 1992

In its short life, MTV has variously been praised and vilified for its influence on musical taste, fashion, movies, television, and advertising. In 1992, MTV turned its attention to increasing the political awareness of its viewers and promoting their participation in local and national elections. The result was Choose or Lose, a multimedia campaign which contributed to the largest turnout among young voters since 1972. While it is impossible to credit MTV as solely instrumental in this regard, there is no doubt that the amount of airtime devoted to voter registration and voter information, and the powerful and compelling messages presented in that effort had a discernible impact. For enfranchising a previously disenfranchised group, a Peabody to MTV: Music Television for Choose or Lose.