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Name: lucia

Time: 8:09 pm

Average hours of sleep: usually about 6

Last thing I googled: idk for sure but probably some phrase for my french hw

Nicknames: jinny and variations there-upon (jin, jin-chan), plenty of variations on my given name (lu, lulu, luciafer), dream which is short for my old username dreamsorrow3

Birthday: march 25th

Gender: female

Fave Movie: i could never choose but atm it’s summer wars

What I’m wearing: sweat pants and gabi’s sabo shirt

Last Book I read: i can’t remember and that is so sad, i hate school for taking away all my time

Fave Beverage: tbh…cold water.  maybe lemonade.

Fave Food: oh god there’s too many.  chicken???

Last Movie I saw in the cinema: big hero 6

Dream Vacation: hmm idk, somewhere beautiful and quiet

Dream Pet: a samoyed or an alaskan malamute :DD

Dream job: filmmaker, 2d animator

Books & Cupcakes June Book Photo Challenge

Day Five: Books in a Bag

This bag is one I’ve been taking to every signing since I got it. It’s just a little canvas bag, kind of odd-shaped at that, but I ask authors to sign it along with their books. I tried to get at least one book from every author that’s signed it here, but I might be missing one or two. I still love that Laini Taylor saw the front pocket and was all like “Yes. This is where I’m signing.” <3


(Hey I finally finished this! Woo! But yes. Dreams are strange weird places and the dream world is even more bizarre. Split into different worlds and zones where pokemon and humans alike frolic and play while their unconscious bodies lay in bed. But darkrai always linger in the shadows, though to protect themselves they have to evolve and adapt to their surroundings so that they blend in, adding fuel to the potential nightmares.

Behold, the Dream Variations!

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The Pineapple Thief - All The Wars (2012)

This is one of those groups that can redefine themselves with every studio effort, and with this release they have proven that they can do such with the greatest of ease. Next to their third album “Variations on a Dream”, this stands as my second favorite album in their discography. One thing these guys do so well is producing a heavily emotional album closer, and with both of these mentioned albums it’s some of their best work in my opinion. During the final track “Reaching Out”, I find myself tearing at the seams just like I do with “Variations on a Dream”’s grand sixteen minute finale “Remember Us”.


Another underrated band !

Pineapple Thief | Variations On A Dream

Pineapple Thief mp3 download


Variations On A Dream album:

  • Artist - Pineapple Thief mp3
  • Album - Variations On A Dream mp3
  • Year - 2003
  • Genre- Rock


  • We Subside
  • This Will Remain Unspoken
  • Vapour Trails
  • Run Me Through
  • The Bitter Pill
  • Resident Alien
  • Sooner Or Later
  • Part Zero
  • Keep Dreaming
  • Remember Us

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Dream Variations Summaries, Papers, and Notes | Langston_Hughes. Dream Variations- - Poetry, Poems, Bios & More To fling my arms wide In some place of the sun, To whirl and to dance Till the white day is done. This spring its definitely his most popular work around Boston. . To fling my arms wide In some place of the sun, To whirl and to dance Till the white day is done. Pineapple Thief - Variations on a Dream (08/12/2010) Cyclops 2003 STUFF YOU NEED TO KNOW: It is not possible to list shipping costs for more than $3.00, so please do not consider it dishonest of me if your shipping charges. Variations on a Dream - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Variations on a Dream is the third album by The Pineapple Thief, released in 2003. Track listing “We Subside” (4:58) “This Will Remain Unspoken” (3:28) PINEAPPLE THIEF Variations On A Dream music reviews and MP3 Variations On A Dream is a music studio album recording by PINEAPPLE THIEF (Crossover Prog/Progressive Rock) released in 2003 on cd, lp / vinyl and/or cassette. Dream Variations Summary & Study Guide - Langston Hughes - Dream Variations summary and study guide with notes, essays, quotes, analysis and pictures YouTube - Rival Ball - Variations on a Dream (Impossible. Dream Variations - by Langston Hughes .

download Rescue - Flamingo Minutes
Wuism (Chinese Shamanism)

I’m trying to research Wuism before the suppression of it by the Chinese government, but having a really hard time finding anything about it in current or past times. I asked some Chinese people, but many of them didn’t know what it was or said the group is “secretive”/didn’t know much about it. I mostly found the history, and influences on the court system, but not actual belief system and detailed practices. I couldn’t find any academic papers on it and I only found the Wikipedia page with books/articles mentioned, but the books only seem to have passing mentions of it (again with only the history of it, but not the actual practices). Google didn’t help much either…

I was wondering you had more detailed sources on it. I’ll take ethnographies, non-fiction books, people who practice it, regional variations/subsects (though I might be dreaming to ask for something like this), anything you’ve got—especially from the people who practice it (rather than white people writing about it as “other”). I’m having a really hard time with it, but I really need it for the novel I’m writing. I’m also covering Shintoism (Japanese) and Muism (Korean), which I have sources for. I’m trying to distinguish those from each other in the novel… so I’d like to be faithful and do that for Wuism as well.

Unfortunately, I don’t—certainly this is the first I’ve heard of Wuism, so I’ll toss this to any followers who might help. —mod Jess

The Australian Ballet

Rehearsals for Symphonic Variations. See it when The Dream opens in Sydney (29 April), Melbourne and Adelaide.
Juliet Burnett and Natasha Kusch. Photography Kate Longley

Recurring Dream (Normal): the most common type of Zoroark as most have a rose red mane

Lucid Dream: Almost as common as the Recurring Dream, This Zoroark tends to draw people in to an illusionary world. Thankfully said illusion is easy to break out of.

Daydream: Also called albino this Zoroark has softer fur then the others and is very well natured. This Pokémon is great around children.

Nightmare: One of the rarest types around, this Zoroark has a very aggressive nature because its been hunted for its unusual fur coloring. Its illusions are much harder to break out of then the Lucid Dream because they try to punish those that would hurt them. These illusions are meant to scare and are dangerous if left too long.

Epic Dream: Almost as rare as the Nightmare because these intelligent  Pokémon have learned to change their own fur colors. They can change their fur with a self illusion technique and can change according to their moods.

(I got bored so I decided to work on my own Pokémon variations! Of course I would chose Zoroark. Sorry for the awful pixle art, I only have MS paint and I cant shade to save my life. But Enjoy! Also each name I used is an actual type of dream! I never knew there were so many.)  

I can’t remember if it was a biology or psychology class but I spent half the semester reading up on sleep patterns and dreams simply cuz I wondered if all our dreams were linked. Like if I have a dream where I talked to someone who I haven’t seen in a while, was it possible for them to have a variation of the same dream from their point of view. Or how sometimes I’ll have a dream about something and it’ll happen in real life, some times I just get stoned and wonder about weird shit like that

The Australian Ballet

Robyn Hendricks and Cristiano Martino rehearsing the Ashton ballet Symphonic Variations, part of our upcoming program The Dream.

Photography Lynette Wills

im so sad. last night i met a variation of my dream boy (blue eyes, blonde hair, pretty smile, fair skin tone) and his friend took my # cus they asked me to hang earlier today but i didnt get a text:( maybe i put my number in wrong, maybe they accidentally erased it, maybe they just didnt care. But they were visiting for a boxing tournament from Connecticut:( im so sad. He was so cute and fuk

“Rest at pale evening … A tall slim tree … Night coming tenderly Black like me.”

- Langston Hughes, Dream Variations

anonymous asked:

This is just a random story but the other night I dreamt my bf was getting plane tickets to fly to me and in was sad when I woke up because it was a dream :(

I think most of us, if not all, have had some variation of that dream. It happens& it’s okay to be sad. Someday, soon hopefully, that dream will be a reality! ♥

- Chyenne

My life, which is a dream,
Is made of variations on a theme
But at the center I’m confused,
Perhaps much more than it might seem.
I must lie down and find silence
Just to figure out where I’ve been,
But if I find some saner self within
This crazy dream will end.
—  goodtwitch