1) I love you not for whom you are,
but who I am when i’m by your side.
2) No person deserves your tears,
and who deserves them won’t make you cry.
3) Just because someone doesn’t love you as you wish,
it doesn’t mean you’re not loved with all his/her being.
4) A true friend is the one,
who hold your hand and touches your heart.
5) The worst way to miss someone is,
to be seated by him/her and know you’ll never have him/her.
6) Never stop smiling not even when you’re sad,
someone might fall in love with your smile.
7) You may only be a person in this world,
but for someone you’re the world.
8) Don’t spend time with someone,
who doesn’t care spending it with you.
9) Maybe God wants you to meet many wrong people,
before you meet the right one, so when it happens you’ll be thankful.
10) Dont cry because it came to an end,
smile because it happened.
11) There will always be people who’ll hurt you,
so you need to continue trusting, just be careful.
12) Become a better person and be sure to know who you are,
before meeting someone new and hoping that person knows who you are.
13) Don’t struggle so much,
best things happen when not expected.

Yaaaaas! It’s taken a lot of work and pain and crying, but finally “Nautilus” (our submission to the "Valor" Anthology) is complete!  How can a silent comic be “written” by Ash, you ask? I told her I wanted to do a story about a girl who was friends with a ghost, and she came up with the rest.  All in about 30 seconds. Ash is a genius, you guys.

Please check out the Valor Anthology to read the full story! Once the books are printed, we will be bringing some to conventions. =)

PS. Valor Anthology has a tumblr, follow it for more updates: valor-anthology

figma Sakura Kinomoto is finally painted! KYAAA I’M DYING OVER HOW ADORABLE AND FANTASTIC SHE IS!! Plus I also died and had to be revived by trained medical professionals when i heard this next piece of news…


-Mamitan <3

requested by hsph peeps <3

(this might look small but if you click it you’ll see how big it is owo)