Vantastic Vans in a custom van magazine spread. If any of you are huge Fu Manchu fans like me then you would recognize the top picture as being the album cover of King of the Road. ( I here Boogie van playing in my head right now he he). If I had a van though I would deck it out like the bottom left photo with all the black light posters and such, I love the interior of that van.

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Karkat Vantas because he is pretty Vantastic

Sexuality Headcanon: I don’t really have one. Let’s go for pansexual, like all trolls. 
Gender Headcanon: Mostly male
A ship I have with said character: I’m kinda partial to Davekat. 
A BROTP I have with said character: KarNaya :)
A NOTP I have with said character: JohnKat. 
A random headcanon: He was the last of the trolls to reach troll puberty. 
General Opinion over said character: Like you said, pretty vantastic.

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