Sooo, this is the picture I drawed for my Karkat blog hitting 250 followers.

Ahhh! I’m so happy! ;w; 
The clothing is based off of stuff my Karkat would wear, with his AU and whatnot. 

But anyway, yeah. I’m still pretty shocked.

I never expected him to get so many follows. x3 I’m so happy!! 


Karkat belongs to Andrew Hussie. 
Artwork is mine.

Yeahh.. so originally I just meant for this to be a REALLY tilted derp face but I kept talking to my friend and drawing on it until it became a beautiful doodle? And I also straightened it from it’s tilted angle I was drawing in. xD

but anyway.. yeah.. overly detailed doodle of Karkat with clothing that goes with my AU rather than his black sweater.

Karkat belongs to Andrew Hussie.

Artwork is mine.  

its a date

You wondered if he took you seriously. You weren’t sure if you took you seriously. You couldn’t help but re-read his messages over and over the next day, wondering why time seemed a lot less convenient when you were waiting for something to happen. Not that you were super excited or anything. The picture of composure, naturally. (By four o’ clock the next afternoon, you’d changed your clothes at least four times before settling on the first outfit you’d tried on and settled and re-settled on which movie to watch at least triple that. What were you? Twelve?)

You made spaghetti. Did Karkat like spaghetti? You’d never asked. Stop checking your watch, dumpass.