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The Myyrmanni bombing took place on October 11, 2002 in the town of Vantaa, Finland in the local Myyrmanni shopping mall. The detonation left seven dead, including two teenagers, a 7-year-old child and the bomber, Petri Gerdt, a 19-year-old chemical engineering student  and several others (80, or so) seriously injured.

It is unclear on whether the incident was an accident or an act of suicide or homicide bombing. It is possible Gerdt didn’t intend to kill himself. According to Gerdt’s parents, he had been frequently detonating homemade bombs in the woods nearby, and had merely been passing through the mall on his way there when the bomb was set off accidentally.

According to the police, it is also possible Gerdt’s intention was to leave the bomb in the mall and remotely detonate it after he left. This conclusion arises from the fact that the bomb used shotgun pellets in its construction, indicating it was meant to kill.

The possibility of Gerdt having links to any radical groups or terrorist organizations has been ruled out; he was merely interested in bombs as a hobby.


Tästä päivästä lähtien lentokenttä on hiljainen eli VIIMEISIÄ MATKUSTAJIA EI ENÄÄ KUULUTETA YLEISESTI EIKÄ NIMELLÄ! Eli olkaa portilla boarding aikaan, koska teitä ei enää tulla hoputtamaan. 

Hauskaa kesää kaikille :) 

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1. What’s your name?

Ida, but i usually go around the internet as iiah.

2. Where are you from?

Finland. Suomi. Uusimaa. Vantaa.

3. Favourite colour?

i LIKE green

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5. Favourite band/artist:

uhm… check out my

6. Favourite number:

7 or 9 - cause you know i cant choose anything in life

7. Favourite drink:

emmi’s answers are hilarious! i was just gonna say Pepsi, but its so dull.

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soodorella, nini-soo, glittersoo, oon-xiuminroskaa, suhossineun, littlehappyvirus, organisoitukaaos ja k-niinku-korealaishomot


you have 30 minutes
you have to get from Helsinki railway station to Helsinki Vantaa airport

reward : NOT missing your plane and NOT continously staying illegally in Europa

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