Another great photo from @sk8session - this time it’s pro skater @allyshabergado - come out and watch the @vansgirls Combi Contest this Saturday. So many pro and AM girls competing. It’s going to be AWESOME! #vans #vansgirls #vanscombi

There’s been a lot of talk lately on the web and on Insta about not looking through the viewfinder when taking a skate photo, personally I don’t think it’s the best use of resources, but I choose not to shoot that way. I shot this photo of Tony Hawk at the recent Bones Brigade Hawk Foundation at Vans by laying down and hanging my head below the coping, putting myself in the line of fire. Sorry for my smugness, but that is the proper way. I will run the full frame on FB for the rectangular format. Photo: Brittain #smug @tonyhawk @tonyhawkfoundation #bonesbrigade #boneswheels #tonyhawk #vanscombi #combipool

Christian Hosoi’s layback grinds are the best and I dig this photo for the intensity in his face and the cool swirly lights in the background. I shot this at the Bones Brigade Reunion at the Vans Combi back in March 2013. Photo: Grant Brittain @christianhosoi #christianhosoi @theskateboardmag #theskateboardmag #grantbrittain #laybackgrind #skateboarding #vanscombi #vansshoes #vans #hosoi

The Vans Pool Party is coming soon. May 16th. Im looking forward to it. Here’s an image from last year. Rune going extra large. @runeglifberg @vansskate #vanscombi #fsa