1)  Name / Location / Profession

Josh Zucker / Los Angeles / Photographer / Videographer 

2) What are some of your favorite things to photograph?

My Grandfather owned a camera store in NY & shot portraits for a living. Both my parents are also artists, which got me into drawing at a very young age. From my childhood I can remember sketching many people that I looked up to from magazines & posters. This interest must have carried over to my photography when I began documenting my friends & family. Because I was a bit reclusive as a teenager, the camera has become a great asset to me. It constantly puts me in situations that I would never dream of, yet I can be there with more of an outsider’s eye. After graduating high school, I immediately moved to Los Angeles. It was exciting to see all the new faces & personalities which became a large catalyst for my passion of shooting people & the stories they create.  

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